Children's Acts

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Sailor clown character

Sailor clown - Comedy - Performance - Workshops - Melbourne
Amazing minute teaching workshops with crowd participation and many acts.
Chris has an amazing fast teaching ability that can make any child or adult juggle and do other circus tricks within minutes. He is great at crowd interaction an involves the crowd in every show he. Not only is he multi stilled at every facet of circus, yet he can also do fire. This is a well seasoned performer and entertainer for all ages.

Sailor clown and other characters movie-1

Sailor clown and other characters movie-2

Fantasy Photography will make your next event by placing your photos in fantasy pictures and printing them instantly

Fantasy Photography provides an exciting and interactive photographic experience for all ages and occasions.
Imagine proudly displaying a creative and beautiful photo of you (or a loved one) riding a dragon, playing with fairies or being the star of your favourite football team.
It's truly amazing and a memory which you'll cherish for many years to come.

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Performs balloon modelling and magic routines

Balloonatric Bruce - Victoria
Performs balloon modeling and magic routines (both stage shows and close-up)for events such as children's parties, festivals, corporate events, shopping centre promotions, Bruce specialises in entertaining at events where there are adults, family or Children's parties!

Tabitha and Pietrie - Victoria

Tabitha and Pietrie - Victoria
Roving Characters
This cheeky duo love to perform, entertaining crowds with their tumbling, hula hooping and adagio skills. Tabitha and Pietrie also love interacting with guests, and take a guilty pleasure in encouraging them to try their hand at hula hooping.

Cyberboy Cybergir Children's Actsl

Roving Solo, Duo or Trio. Incredible act that can also include cyber kid, a five year old. All act like real robots in amazing silver and black costumes with flashing red lights, silver make-up adds to the illusion. The entire family can deliver a great show or just rove at your event, festival or venue or on podiums.

Anthony is a full time professional magician.

Anthony is a full time professional magician. He is also a youth services trainer & ambassador for youth. He recently was a participant of the “ World’s longest magic show” held at Luna Park with a world breaking 75 continuous hours of nonstop magic fun. WOW! If you are organizing an event and are considering having entertainment look no further. Anthony is available to perform at your, Birthday Celebrations, dinner party, company functions, Bar mitzvahs, Festivals, fetes, school shows, & Kindergartens. Many different shows to choose from created specifically for different audiences and Characters designed for your needs.

versatile all round magic entertainer

George – Adelaide
Is a versatile all round magic entertainer with different styles of magic suitable for most functions from small private parties to major corporate events. His performances include children’s magic, sophisticated close-up sleight of hand magic, stage magic, right up to his grand Illusion stage show. George is a full member of both the “Australian Society of magicians “and the “International Brotherhood of Magicians” and was the Vice-President of the Adelaide Branch of the “International Brotherhood of Magicians” for a number of years.

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Christo Mico Children's Acts

A character based on the fool or court jester, he is excellent at meeting and greeting guests were he will do mime, juggling and imitate people. He also does balloon bending and can even do fire. Has Ultra violet props, great for venues that have UV lighting. Great for any event and for every age.

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Chris Crinkle Children's Acts

Balloon bender, juggler, clown, fire artist, magician, crystal ball manipulation. Many different characters and themes to choose from! Great for any event and all ages. Roving or shows are also available.

Daisy Hoops Children's Acts

Great for any event! Duo are also available includes: juggling, balloon bending, hula hoops, magic, face painting and much more! roving or show available. For adults and children.

Flu the Clown Children's Acts

Such a great act, especially for the kids! Flu can come alone or bring up to 3 friends with her so that there will be more fun in store for any children's event.

Robert Bruce Children's Acts

An incredible old school clown that has performed in many circus's around the world. He has many brilliant routines, is an Actor that has extensive theatrical/stage training and can run rings around all the rest! this is the real mcCoy.

Elves Children's Acts

ELVES -Victoria
These wonderful elves will not only keep the children happy but also the adults. Packed with fun and a lot of tricks as that's what elves do! Ps these elves work all year round.

Andrew Dyson Children's Acts

ANDREW -Victoria
Andrew is a Professional circus artist and juggler, specializing in juggling, balancing and prop manipulation. Feature acts include: freestanding ladder / juggling and comedy tennis. Also has an array of different roving characters. As seen on 'Guinness world records', 'Cadbury Schweppes TV Commercial' and Channel Seven's 'Australia's got talent'

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Shaggles Children's Acts

SHAGGLES - Victoria
With a completely interactive show involving magic tricks, juggling, acrobatics and possibly some tight rope walking, let me lead you on this imaginary journey as I make my world, your world. Shaggles has over ten years experience entertaining all types of audiences from birthdays to Bar Mitzvahs, weddings and even hens nights he can bring some of that extra color to your event.

Hazel Bock Children's Acts

She can Juggle tables, batons, rings, balls virtually anything. A Professionally trained performer that can juggle up to 7 balls and that can also include fire or Black UV props that come to life - A great show filled with colour, light and excitement.

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Sam Children's ActsCyber Boy Children's ActsSpacegirl Children's Acts

Roving Solo, Duo or Trio. Incredible act that takes you into the future. They all act like real robots in amazing silver and black costumes with flashing lights, silver make-up adds to the illusion. They can rove at any event, festival or venue or on podiums. Great entertainment for any age.

Andrewoid Children's Acts

Metallic Silver Full Body Armour. Glow Juggling Equipment: Clubs, Balls & Diabolos. Robotic Voice through in built Speakers, plus LED Light Displays.The Future of Manipulation.

Jonathon Freeman Children's Acts

Juggling at its very finest. True perfection styled circus juggling. A professional young artist that has worked with the most elite circus's around the world including cirque de solei - only expect the very best from this one as he can also include fire into his incredible act. An amazing artist.

Kyle leg catch Children's Acts

Includes unicycle, juggling, balancing, handstands, and acrobatics into his shows. Great for all ages.

Unijuggle Children's Acts

A character of many different themes and acts to choose from meeting and greeting guests were he will do mime, juggling and even unicycle. He works crystal balls amazingly and can even do fire. Has Ultra violet props instead of fire. Great for any event.

Risley Children's Acts

Simply amazing human Juggling! We actually mean: one human being juggles the other into summersaults and then catches them again! its fascinating to watch these two extraordinary performers.

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Atmosfire Children's Acts

An incredible fire artist,, skilled at every facet of fire artistry. He's an expert at juggling glow balls and batons and glow-light magic can replace flags, ribbon/twirling in place of fire. Also a skilled stilt-walker and acrobat! Duo are available with matching reflective costumes that come to life under black UV.

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CM Cowboy Children's Acts

CM COWBOY -Victoria
Amazing Performer that can lasso anything including people. He can whip a cigarette out of your mouth as smoking is a health hazard! Adult and kids shows available. Fluoro or fire whips available. Can include, juggling, fire, magic and teaching into his show or roving.

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Big Puppet Children's Acts

8ft characters. Amazing as they appear so life like. Also Hand held small puppets. Creative illusion at its very finest. Huge monsters that glow in the dark with parts that move. Snake, bird and many more to choose from. For adults and children of all ages.

Plate Spinning Children's Acts

A great old tradition revamped into a new based comedy that is great for Children. Juggling, games and clowning around make up this fun act.

Children's Acts

Aboriginal dancers -Victoria
Cultural shows consisting of telling stories of dreamtime, artifacts, didge playing, teaching, full dance stories filled with visually appealing shows for adults and children of all ages.

Aboriginal Dancer

Aboriginal cultural shows – Victoria
My experience and skills comes from over two decades of sharing the understanding of my traditional and contemporary Koorie and Yolngu stories, music, song and dances through various community ceremonies, schools and festivals throughout Victoria, Australia and internationally.

Shadows Children's Acts

3 artists creating innovative and creative movement in the form of shaped illusion, Mime/shapes of colour twisted in momentum, gymnastics and acrobatics, poses of colour ultimately makes this show truly entertaining to a broad spectrum of audience. Unique in every way! They also follow you around and mimic you as shadows do!

Stray Cats Children's Acts

STRAY CATS -Victoria
1 to 3 roving, act like real tigers, climbing , purring, brush up against you, gymnastic/acrobatic they will climb anything their able to, have cat fights. These lovable felines are also available with their own African drummer, keeper of the tigers so that they won't be led astray. Entertaining to a broad spectrum of audience including children. Unique in every way. 'Roving or show'

Hand Balancing Children's Acts

This is Professional international Performer whom has mastered the art of balance! This is an amazing solo act that has great balancing skills. He also adds block break into his show!

Afro Super Tigers Children's Acts

Amazing combination of energetic adagio, gymnastics and acrobatics, contortion, juggling, balancing bottles, basketballs on sticks! 2 to 5 professional international performers that do some of the most amazing tricks! Fully choreographed shows or roving especially tailored for your event!

Rolla Bolla Children's Acts

This extraordinary feat of balance is a unique act consisting of many balancing tricks within the routine. An amazing act to watch which includes handstands, ring spinning on both hands and foot whilst balancing on one to 5 round cylinders. A very entertaining show for all ages and for any event.

Spinning Meteo Children's Actsr

Incredible rope twirling with perfect precision and technique. He's excelled in all forms of skill-base-he-can do tricks with a wine bottle balanced onto a spoon, in his mouth, also skilled at plate spinning. Suited for any event roving or show.

Manifesto Children's Acts

An artist of many faces. He infuses mime, magic, masks and dance to tell his story. Great with kids! He can do both roving or a show! Ultra violet mime is also his specialty.

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Consentino Children's Acts

Incredible production of a new age magic show. His performance is more than just a mere magic show. It`s a dynamic mix of the unexpected, dazzling magic and illusions blended with energetic dance, clever mime, audience participation, humor and many surprising twists of colour.

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Marawa Hoops Children's Acts

'Hula Hoops' A great stage show or just for podium! featuring an amazing performer that can do several splits in order to create such vision! Able to infuse in with any event or DJ or use her own fully choreographed music to suit her show.

Daisy Hoops Children's Acts

'Hula Hoops' She is great for any event - for children she keeps it really tame. A wonderful show filled with movement and very visually appealing to all ages and to children especially!

Reptile farm located in VictoriaReptile farm located in Victoria

Snake and reptile farm - Victoria
multi-award winner reptile show is owned by Australia's Snake man
whom are always in the media. This includes on TV as a wildlife expert, in the news for discovering a new species or some other scientific breakthrough, regular radio spots, Melbourne's best-known emergency snake catching expert and more, featuring so many reptiles we just can’t count!

Little People Children's ActsArthur Children's Acts

Short statured people of Character. Both are skilled actors. Rima can belly dance. Arty can portray any character, any theme. Both have many different costumes, many different themes. Arty is also great with kids as he has 2 of his own!

Whiley J Children's Acts

WHILEY J -Victoria
Whiley has many great talents: He has made numerous appearances at many schools, teaching children the do's and don'ts. Singing and playing his bass guitar in order to teach kids the rights and wrongs in life! He is great with kids and seems to get through to them in many ways! An extremely important form of education for any age!

the kids love his BMX stunts

Skull—The Aussie Larrikin Bogan
Fair-dinkum typical real Aussie bloke. A crowd favourite, Skull talks the universal language of funny; the kids love his BMX stunts.  The Mums love his muscle hairy legs.  That Dads love talking to a real bloke about power tools and the footy Skull is an extremely watch-able and like-able Aussie Larrikin who is phenomenally good at riding a bicycle.  Perfect for: Roving, Stage Act, Sporting events,Schools and Street Parades.

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Mini Bike Stunt TrioMini Bike Stunt TrioMini Bike Stunt Trio

Pocket Bike Crew - Brisbane
For over a decade they have entertained thousands with this high energy and hilarious mini bike stunts; and now they bring you the Mini Bike Stunt Trio .....Specialising in shows for sporting events, festivals and functions, they delight and amaze. The members of the team are highly talented circus performers and are also award winning street performers. The team is adaptable and professional, and continually receive enormous responses from their audiences.

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Colourful jumping castle

Bouncing Fun for Everyone, Designed for Kids and Adults.
Big 5m x 5m Colourful Castle. Popular Choice for all Family Events.

Great fun boxing kangaroo suit

Sumo Wrestling combined with Boxing Kangaroos. Very Australian.
Biff N Bash to see who can stay standing. Great laughs all round.

Daisy Boo

DAISYBOO -South Australia
Graham will twist balloons from flowers, amazing colourful hats, bracelets or a myriad of animals, dressed as a Traditional Clown, Pirate, Aussie Clown, even a Fun Formal Attire with Black Top Hat or even Silly Santa – available at Christmas Time for Gift Giving only.

Windy Wizard Children's Acts

WINDY WIZARD - Queensland
creative clowning, goofy juggling and silly stilt-walking. Your guests will be stunned by his crazy unicycling and wicked trick bike riding. The audience will be overly intrigued by his bewildering balloon sculpting and simply amazed by baffling magic.
'will Windy pull a rabbit out of a hat?' Well the answer is, yes! Also raccoons, frogs, toads, chickens and other exciting critters.

Stilt Walkers Children's Acts

A variety of Professional acts available with many themes such as clown - Dragon - Spider - 3 queen of hearts - 19th century lady - Court jester - Ringmaster - Techboy solo or Duo with reflective UV costumes - Geisha boy and girl and many more. May include juggle, flags, glow sticks, whips or magic. jumping stilts are also available.

Angelic Fairy Children's Acts

Stilt/Ground Character/ Human Statue
Bringing blessings of joy and good Fortune, these angelic characters carry an air of beauty and mystique. Transforming into a Stilt Characters, Ground Characters or Gold Human Statues, these angelic cupids (2 available) will fit in with all ages and events. If your event requires a touch of elegance and grace (and possibly a bit of cheekiness), you have found what you are looking for.

Colourful childrens entertainment band

BUGS R US - Sydney
These colourful characters are now performing to SOLD OUT CONCERTS
They are the newest sensation in children's entertainment. The children go wild, they love the bug theme and all the friendly characters in the show.
This is a non-stop, interactive musical extravaganza. First class children's entertainment!!!!

clown and face painter

Jelly Bean - NSW
Jelly Bean is such a fun loving clown that does face painting and great balloons! An all rounder, kids just love jelly bean and so will you.

Scoot Children's Acts

SCOOT - Adelaide
A new blend of a circus juggler. An awesome fire artist/juggler and balancing act. From tall ladders to being able to fry an egg in a fry pan whilst juggling or even chain saw his way through his show. Many different characters and themes to choose from! Great for any event and any age Roving or shows are also available.

Jack Sladder Children's Acts

Juggling and comedy at its very finest! he can juggle almost anything, even whilst on a ladder! Be wary, as his crowd interaction is a duzy! roving or show - for any age and every event.

Face painter avilable in adelaide

Everything for your next party specialising in face painting for both adults and children alike and we also have resident – clown, pirate, fairy and witch to name a few. We can supply a complete party package which includes  face painting, balloon animals, games, lolly bag, all children receive a small gift, lollies & games, present for the special birthday l person. 

Double trouble Children's Acts

known as Trouble and Big Trouble these two loud, colourful and cheeky characters are always playful and a big hit at events. excellent for meet and greet or mingling with a crowd they're guaranteed to melt the ice at your next event.

Tumble-toons Children's Acts

This brightly coloured pair are fun to watch as they do Acrobatic balances on each other as well as audience members. Great for meet and greet or as roving characters. This act is perfect for family orientated events.

Rompin Stompin Children's Acts

Rompin Stompin is a fun packed children's show to suit all ages. We assure we will have the children laughing and dancing in our rompin stompin show. The show is filled with games, giveaways, dancing and singing toe tapping beat including songs from the wiggles, hi five, play school and many more, complement the show is a wonderful costume character called Neville the numbat.

Algatron the amazing robot with a larger than life personality

Algatron the amazing robot with a larger than life personality can sing / dance to his masters musical and vocal accompaniment. With flashing eyes and mischievous smile kids and big kids alike will be captivated by the robots charm and antics. The inventor of Algatron Leslie Barnett ( stage name Marshall ) demonstrates the robots many uses around the home and how he was able to construct his robot from every day house hold items. Mum and dad may even wont to take him home as a cure for household blues.?

Ned Knucklehead Children's Acts

With years of performing experience (Chris has performed at major events since he was 9 years old) and skills in music (guitar, bass guitar, mandolin and banjo mandolin), magic, juggling, balloon modeling and general clowning around. Chris and his delightful character Ned are sure to put a smile on the faces of your clients.

Servicing Bundaberg to the south, Biloela top the west and Mackay to the north.

Buster Poppop a complete and utter Balloonatic

Roving clown balloon- bender.  The most interactive balloon-bender in Sydney, kids can get involved and he can even twist them behind his back. No audience is too large for this balloon bending dynamite.  Perfect for family fun days and shopping centres.

Dan Druff A highly skilled comic performance of unicycling juggling and balloon madness.

DAN DRUFF - Sydney
A highly skilled comic performance of unicycling juggling and balloon madness. Dan Druff uses his crazy humour and zany props to woo the crowds. His antics are ideal for parties, corporate functions, shopping centers, festivals and anywhere you need a few laughs. His 30 minute one man circus show or roving act includes juggling, plate spinning, hat manipulation, extra-ordinary balloon bending, small magic tricks, object balancing, diabolo, oodles of tomb-foolery and features the amazing skipping unicycle routine, a jaw dropping display of world class unicycling.

Murray Raine Hey Diddle Circus

This is a delightful introduction into the magical world of puppetry designed for young children. The “Hey Diddle Circus” offers an unforgettable experience. Our new show features 20 exquisite marionettes designed by famous Australian puppeteer, Ann Davis, and performed by multi-award winning puppeteer, Murray Raine. This is ideal entertainment for pre-schools, kindergartens and child care centres.

Fantastic trackless train

TIMMY THE TRAIN - Townsville
Timmy the train is larger than most trackless trains, so the waiting period for the ride would be much less being able to fit way more people than most. Such a fun and easy ride for the entire family. For any festival or event.

Fantastic Inflatable slide amusement

JUMPING SLIDE - Townsville
Why not have a jumping slide instead of a jumping castle. Great for the summer with water pumped down the slide to refresh any party. Why not have something different for your special event.

Fantastic mini animal farm for kids and adults

MINI FARM - Townsville
Chickens, Ducklings, Guinea Pigs, Turkeys, Geese, Unique Ducks (Kyuga, Peaking), Unique Chickens (Silkies-black and white), Baby Lambs, Baby goats, Piglets and other animals depending on season.

the Chairoplane a fantastic ride for kids

From jumping castle slides to amusement rides, candy floss to popcorn machines. We can locate anything for you, anywhere around Australia. Just call us and let us know what your looking for and we shall find it for you.

Callula from the CULPRITS bandCulprits a band for any eventThe CULPRITS a great band for any event

A family band that comprises Paul Killingly, former lead singer with OL’55, and his tribe of talented kids. The band features tight 3 part harmony, rip roaring rock’n’roll piano from “the professor” Columbine (17 y.o.), the frantic fiddling of “magic fingers” Callula (13 y.o.) and some tasty lead guitar from “rock-a-day” Johnny (11y.o.). The Culprits specializes in market place performances all around North Queensland.

The Culprits are a great band for any occasionPaul Killingly is a great singer and all round performer

Paul's forte is as an actor/minstrel with an amazing array of characters and music styles. You might see "The Jolly Swagman", "The Solo '55 Rock 'n' Roll Show", a raucous pirate, a Beatles take-off, the Town Crier... or even ELVIS. His overall song repertoire has a good-time, ‘retro’ feel and features an extensive list of favorites, including current Australiana hits and traditional Irish, Scottish and English songs.

Trackless Train is great for Fetes and canivals

TRACKLESS TRAIN – sunshine coast
Jump aboard the trackless train. A ride that is perfect for everyone, from young babies to Grandmas and somewhere in between. Our custom-made train, modeled on the unique Queensland sugar trams, has two carriages capable of carrying up to 20 passengers.
Perfect for fetes, festivals or any gathering. Great for all ages.

Smarty Pants clown

Smartie Pants the clown will create a special fantasy world where imaginations run wild and fun rules! Interactive kids magic show Fun and laughter Balloon folding  Clown bike  Juggling  Milkshake the Rabbit. Kids shows and walk around entertainment  for all ages. My show can include magic, magic show, roving, juggling, mini clown bike, unicycle, comedy and Balloon twisting!    

Jumping Castle

JUMPING CASTLES in every state
Great for keeping the kids occupied. all sizes and shapes are available, even ones with slides to cool off a really hot day. All castles are fully manned and are set up and taken down for you on the day.

Crocs Alive Children's Acts

A mobile reptile exhibition based on the central coast. For the past 3 years they have provided a fun and hands on reptile experience for thousands of people across NSW and the ACT. Visiting schools, country shows, pre-schools, fetes and performing at birthday parties, their aim is to give the public a close up look and hands on experience of crocodiles, snakes, lizards, and turtles; whilst getting over a positive message about these sometimes misunderstood creatures.

Jimbo the clown

 Jimbo is a well established Clown, based in Hobart and has appeared locally and interstate for private commercial, civic, corporate and charity functions.
In the best traditions of the master clown, Jimbo entertains at private parties, Corporate, social, club, picnics and Christmas Parties.

Oh Mammy Children's Acts

OH MAMMY - Tasmania
Whether on stilts or as an MC - oh mammy will make any event a lot of fun . Great costuming and such a great performer.

Plaitsy Popstar Children's Acts

A new age clown that is so much fun for the kids, even the adults will have fun.

Princess Katie Children's Acts

Such a wonderful fairy, so full of joy and such sparkle will she give to children. Telling stories of faraway places.

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