Circus Acts


Tebend - VIC
NEED WE SAY MORE. One of the best contortion we’ve seen worldwide! How fortunate we are to have him Australia.

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Emily is a talented german wheeel performer and aerialist

Emyan - German Wheel Artist - Acrobat - Aerialist - Victoria
Emyan is a highly skilled international circus performer with a beautiful stage presence and remarkable body lines. Emyan has captivated audiences around the world with her specialty act on the German Wheel and has performed at many high profile corporate events using her acrobatic and aerial talents to promote numerous products/brands. Emyan has appeared as a stunt performer and body double on numerous television commercials and has recently been involved in fitness modeling. Very professional and a pleasure to work with, Emyan is a versatile young woman who shines in many aspects of the circus entertainment world.

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Andrew Dyson Circus Acts

ANDREW -Victoria
Andrew is a Professional circus artist & juggler, specialising in juggling, balancing, stilts and prop manipulation. Feature acts include: free standing ladder / juggling, comedy tennis. Also has an array of different roving characters. As seen on 'Guinness world records', 'Cadbury Schweppes TV Commercial'& Channel seven's 'Australia's got talent'.

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R Bar doing a fantastic strength balance routine

R - BAR - Victoria
The only people in Australia to perform the Russian Bar, a highflying spectacle 3-person act.   The full potential of the bar is discovered as the bases gracefully throw the flyer up to 7m in the air to land balanced perfectly on the bar.  This high enrgy circus act is sure to amaze any audience as they watch the trio move in total unison.

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hand balancing and aerial artist

Zac - hand balancing and aerial - Victoria
Zac started his career in a small circus school in Perth but recently graduated the National Institute of Circus Arts Melbourne. During his time there he studied the arts of Hand balancing and Aerial Straps with a focus in Dance and Tumble also. He hopes in the years to come that he can assert himself as a prominent circus performer in Australia and Overseas.

Tabitha and Pietrie

Tabitha and Pietrie - Victoria
Roving Characters
This cheeky duo love to perform, entertaining crowds with their tumbling, hula hooping and adagio skills. Tabitha and Pietrie also love interacting with guests, and take a guilty pleasure in encouraging them to try their hand at hula hooping and other circus tricks.

Chris stilts Circus Acts

CHRISTO MICO - ground or stilt character -Victoria
A character on stilts based on the fool or court jester, he is excellent at meeting & greeting guests were he will do mime, juggling, circus tricks and imitate people. He also does balloon bending and can even do fire. Great for venues or for any event, any age.

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Air Antics Duo

AIR ANTICS -Victoria
Take a trip back to the 1940s with Captain McCloud and his lovely co-pilot Betty Sharp to a time full of risk, danger and swing dancing. This squadron promises to entertain you with a highly energetic, skilful and downright cheeky acrobatic routine. Prepare to be amazed by Betty and the Captain as they perform a series of impressive balances, flips and dance moves with the strength and precision of highly trained aviators. Plenty of bumps, laughs and turbulence!
10 min stage show, dance floor or roving or circus available.

Russian Bar boys performing Roue-cyr  ( wheel)

ROYE-CYR - Victoria
Roue-cyr (Wheel); is a simple yet elegant new age piece of circus apparatus. The audience will be mesmerized as the performer effortlessly rolls and spins round the stage in the giant single wheel.

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Double trouble Circus Acts

Known as Trouble and Big Trouble these two loud, colourful and cheeky characters are always playful and a big hit at events. Excellent for meet and greet or mingling with a crowd they're guaranteed to melt the ice at your next event.

Silvestre Circus Acts

I am from Africa and i have worked in European circuses, universoul circus from America... , theme parks , Gala shows in Belgium, Holland and Asia in South Korea as well here in Australia at Jupiter’s casino , my performance is based on Caribbean acts famous fire limbo , acrobatics , hat juggling, balancing acts.

Hand balancing and contaortion performer

JESSICA - hand-balancing - Victoria
Jessica was trained from a young age in dance, gymnastics and sports acrobatics. Her international acrobatic career has now landed her in circus where she has been trained in a number circus apparatus. Jessica executes an elegant contortion hand-balancing act perched upon three canes, she moves through a series of remarkable, contorted positions. The act can be modified to suit various themes depending on your function or occasion.

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Risley Divino Circus Acts

Simply amazing human Juggling! We actually mean: one human being juggles the other into summersaults and then catches them again! its fascinating to watch these two extraordinary circus performers.

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Rolla Bolla Circus Acts

This extraordinary feat of balance is a unique act consisting of many balancing tricks within the routine. An amazing act to watch which includes handstands, ring spinning on both hands & foot whilst balancing on one to 5 round cylinders. A very entertaining show for all ages & for any event.

Spinning Meteor Circus Acts

Incredible rope twirling with perfect precision & technique. He`s excelled in all forms of skill base he can do tricks with a wine bottle balanced onto a spoon, in his mouth, also skilled at plate spinning. Suited for any event roving or show or circus.

Angelic Fairy Circus Acts

Stilt/Ground Character/ Human Statue
Bringing blessings of joy and good Fortune, these angelic characters carry an air of beauty and mystique. Transforming into a Stilt Characters, Ground Characters or Gold Human Statues, these angelic cupids (2 available) will fit in with all ages and events. If your event requires a touch of elegance and grace (and possibly a bit of cheekiness), you have found what you are looking for.

Cyber Cop Circus Acts

These interactive Cyber Funk Cops (on stilts or as floor characters) will keep your audience sharp and on the beat! Intrigued by their arrival in a new land, their quirky space talk and far out commentary will humour the most serious of audiences.

Andrew Dyson Circus Acts

ANDREW -Victoria
Andrew is a Professional circus artist & juggler, specialising in juggling, balancing, stilts and prop manipulation. Feature acts include: free standing ladder / juggling, comedy tennis. Also has an array of different roving characters. As seen on 'Guinness world records', 'Cadbury Schweppes TV Commercial'& Channel seven's 'Australia's got talent'.

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Shaggles Circus Acts

SHAGGLES - Victoria
With a completely interactive show involving magic tricks, juggling, acrobatics, circus tricks and possibly some tight rope walking, let me lead you on this imaginary journey as I make my world, your world. Shaggles has over ten years experience entertaining all types of audiences from birthdays to Bar Mitzvahs, weddings and even hens nights he can bring some of that extra color to your event.

Andrewoid Circus Acts

Metallic Silver Full Body Armour. Glow Juggling Equipment: Clubs, Balls & Diabolos and circus props. Robotic Voice through in built Speakers, plus LED Light Displays.The Future of Manipulation.

Scoot Circus Acts

SCOOT - Adelaide
A new blend of a circus juggler. An awesome fire artist/juggler and balancing act. From tall ladders to being able to fry an egg in a fry pan whilst juggling or even chain saw his way through his show. Many different characters & themes to choose from! Great for any event & any age Roving or shows are also available.

Lack Sladder Circus Acts

Juggling & comedy at its very finest! He can juggle almost anything, even whilst on a ladder! Be wary, as his crowd interaction is a duzy! Roving or show - for any age & every event.

Chris Crinkle Circus Acts

Balloon bender, juggler, clown, fire artist, magician, crystal ball, manipulation, circus tricks. Many different characters & themes to choose from! Great for any event & any age Roving or shows are also available.

Nellie fire performer

An incredible circus, fire and stunt performer that will take you into another world! offering you unique fire juggling, rola bolla, balancing an axe on his chin whilst doing press ups on a bed of nails! simply an amazing performer that also plays the violin ( very well ) whilst it’s on fire! a high class side show act and a high class corporate show!

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James Bustar Circus Acts

James Bustar is performed by International Variety Performer, James Blaxall, a professionally trained circus artiste, physical comedian and world class juggler from the World renowned Flying Fruit Fly Circus. He is also a trained actor: having been taught by some of the industry's biggest names and has had the honor of performing as an extra beside Kate Winslet and Christopher Eccleston in Internationally acclaimed films.

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Juggling pic

Stilts and juggle
Scott and partner are not only great stilt walkers but they also do fire, juggling, unicycle and are fully fledged circus performers! Multi skilled talent with multi facet entertainment to suit every need. Available as a solo or duo.

Ned Knucklehead Circus Acts

With years of performing experience (Chris has performed at major events since he was 9 years old) and skills in music (guitar, bass guitar, mandolin and banjo mandolin), magic, juggling, balloon modeling and general clowning around. Chris and his delightful character Ned are sure to put a smile on the faces of your clients.

Treasure Hunt Clowns

The Treasure Hunt Clowns are two roving clown characters purportedly on a hunt for treasure are constantly sidetracked and distracted, interacting with the public. The Treasure Hunt Clowns are a roving duo which is perfect for Casinos, Cruise Ships, Corporate Functions, Festivals, Private Parties, Product Launches, Shopping centers, and many other special events.

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Robert Bruce Circus Acts

An incredible old school clown that has performed in many circus's around the world. He has many brilliant routines, is an Actor that has extensive theatrical/stage training and can run rings around all the rest! this is the real mcCoy.


BOOFF -Queensland
Booff is a warm and fuzzy stretched out clown with a high-pitched voice. Disarmingly charming, there is yet a twinkle in his eye, a glint of mischief, perhaps even buffoonery! Kids love him because he glares at them. Booff is the ultimate MC, integrating his unique style of comedy and audience interaction! He can also Rove or Stilt walk, perfect for Night Clubs, Circus, Casinos, Cruise Ships, Corporate Functions, Private Parties, Product launches, Shopping Centre’s.

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Hazel Bock Circus Acts

She can Juggle tables, batons, rings, balls virtually anything. A professionally trained circus performer that can juggle up to 7 balls and that can also include fire or Black UV props that come to life - A great show filled with colour, light and excitement.

View Hazel's Foot Juggling video

Jonathon Freeman Circus Acts

Juggling at its very finest. True perfection styled circus juggling. A professional young artist that has worked with the most elite circus's around the world including cirque de solei - only expect the very best from this one as he can also include fire into his incredible act. An amazing artist.

Circus Acts

Includes unicycle, juggling, balancing, handstands, acrobatics and circus tricks into his shows. Great for all ages.

Dan Druff unicyclist

DAN DRUFF - Sydney
A highly skilled comic performance of unicycling juggling and balloon madness. Dan Druff uses his crazy humour and zany props to woo the crowds. His antics are ideal for parties, corporate functions, shopping centers, festivals and anywhere you need a few laughs. His 30 minute one man circus show or roving act includes juggling, plate spinning, hat manipulation, extra-ordinary balloon bending, small magic tricks, object balancing, diabolo, oodles of tomb-foolery and features the amazing skipping unicycle routine, a jaw dropping display of world class unicycling.

Great unicylists from ZOOM Enatertainment

GRIFFINI and CORNELIS - Wollongong
A 30-minute feast of fun, incorporating audience participation, an “eight legged levitation”, unicycling and their self proclaimed “one of the nation’s top club passing acts”. A circus duo that juggles anything and anywhere including suitcases and on top of tall unicycles, Griffini and Cornelis offer a show suited to the stage or the street, as well as offering shorter 1-20 minute acts.

Comic police characters on unicycles

Severe budget cuts to the Police Force have halved the bicycle unit. And now they must ensure they raise enough money to keep their jobs. Officers will be on the lookout for the flimsiest excuse to issue a fine. Civilians may also be asked to submit to an RBT (Random Breath Test), which ends up doubling as a police sniffer dog; or an RUS (Random Unicycle Stunt), which has no function, but allows the officers to impose their authority. No one is safe. Bribes are most welcome.

Meals on Wheels Juggling chef duo

Meals on Wheels Juggling chef duo – Roving comic act featuring juggling, unicycling, plate-spinning, balance tricks and a smattering of magic. Equipment is moved on customised waiters trolleys with built-in Piaf soundtrack. Very funny and highly skilled! Filled with visual gags. Another four chefs (not on unicycles) are also available for roving gigs on request – two on stilts, two on the ground. Features audience participation, it is suitable for children. Slapstick at its best!

Buster Poppop a complete and utter Balloonatic

Roving clown balloon- bender.  The most interactive balloon-bender in Sydney, kids can get involved and he can even twist them behind his back. No audience is too large for this balloon bending dynamite.  Perfect for family fun days and shopping centres.

Harry Fahrenheit Fire jugging and fire eating perfection.

Fire jugging and fire eating perfection.  Suitable for meet n’ greet or as a 12 min sight act with or without a flaming podium. Bringing you the spectacular fire-skipping on the unicycle surrounded by flames. A quirky fire show choreographed to Harry’s own eclectic choice of music with fire eating, fire juggling, fire balance, body burning, audience participation (walk of death), and of course oodles of flames. The finale fire-skipping on the unicycle will bring the house down.

Unicycling Dan Sydney’s favourite unicyclist

 Sydney’s favourite unicyclist. Dan is a truly skilled circus trained unicycling genius with a fabulous collection of standard, giraffe and off road unicycles. He can bunny hop, hop up stairs, juggle and club pass, skip, catch his hat on his foot and kick it back up to his head and he can do most of this on both small and giraffe unicycles. His feature act is the spectacular fire-skipping on unicycle on a flaming podium. A true show stopper!

Hula hoop circus artist

Hula Hoops - Victoria
Let yourself get lost in Laura la Reyna's crazy, colourful, hooping world as she turns up the tempo. A fun, visually stunning, burlesque inspired act that is sure to delight and entertain the crowd.

I Candy Circus Acts

I CANDY -Victoria
"Hula Hoops" 1 to 8 Hula girls or boys available, podium or stage, visually appealing to the eye and able to infuse in with any event or DJ. Hula stack/40 hoops, s trip hula, roller hula, comedy hula, razor hula, 6 to 8 split hula & Fire hula .

Hoops a Daisy Circus Acts

"Hula Hoops" 2 incredible Hula girls that can do a full hula hoop stage show or just be on a podium. Great costumes make up this wonderful act, able to infuse in with any event or DJ .

Marawa Hoops Circus Acts

'Hula Hoops' A great stage show or just for podium! Featuring an amazing circus performer that can do several splits in order to create such vision! Able to infuse in with any event or DJ or use her own fully choreographed music to suit her show.

Daisy Hoops Circus Acts

"Hula Hoops" She is great for any event - for children she keeps it really tame. For adults she razor blades her hula and pops each balloon to the sound & beat of the music. A wonderful show filled with movement and very visually appealing to all ages.

Hoopla Circus Acts

HOOPLA -Victoria
Anna presents an exciting, energetic and skilful hula hoop act. 1 to 5 sparkling hoops spun, twisted, and thrown with ease finishing in a stacked, multi hoop finale. Her impressive combination of hooping with circus skill and dance is highly entertaining, dazzling to the eye and lots of fun. Fire Hoop: Spinning hoops of fire with 1 to 3 hoops with an 11 flame finale. Lots of fun! Solo or duo act is available.

Hoopaholics Circus Acts

Australia's one and only hula hoop troupe. With stunning costumes, dazzling circus tricks and slick hoop dance moves. Be amazed by circus hula, contemporary hoop dance, breathtaking light shows, interactive and the hottest fire dance on this planet... Caters to a wide variety of events including corporate, birthday's, kids and adult parties,circuses, festivals, fundraiser's, nightclubs, bars, art gallery openings, school's and hens parties.

Circus Cocktail is an amazing hoop act and more

A one woman show of contortion, inside out, and upside down hula hooping and audience participation that never fails to please. Have you ever wondered what happens backstage? Or thought that multi tasking was just for mundane chores? Allow Tee to open up a world that will have you split your sides with laughter as you share in her show biz experience that inspires, spins you out and amazes. You'll never believe all the things she can do with a hula hoop!

Hula Hoops performerHula Hoops performer

BUNNY – Hula Hoops - Sydney
Bunny is a multimedia artist and performer. Her passion for hooping and performance has taken her to stages and dance floors both nationally and throughout the world. With her love of both circus arts and dance Bunny's style incorporates both influences into a hybrid hooping style. Slow sultry entrances, high energy movement and tease, multiple hoop extravaganzas, costumes that shimmer and sizzle and LED lit hoops that blow the crowd away with their other-worldly effects.

Circus performers at their best

Bunny and the ringmaster- NSW
A performance duo that WOWs from the moment your guests walk through the door until the very end. Ronaldo the Ring Master is no ordinary circus player. Fresh from the jungles of Africa and the Indies he has caught and tamed his very own collection of lions, tigers, elephants and wild circus divas. He will meet, greet and invite your guests into a mystical atmosphere of magic and intrigue. But it doesn't stop there... with both roving and show-stopping prowess, BunnyHoopStar entertains with her spinning hula hoops. Using a selection of both choreographed and freestyle hoop dance moves, Bunny builds her performance with multiple hoops including a sensational light and / or fire show. You will be amazed at the trails of colourful light patterns that are created throughout this mesmerizing hoop dance. Watch her increase and split hoops all over her body as she moves and dances entrancing the audience. See for yourself just how many hoops this hoopstar can hold in the all-famous hoop throw countdown. Invigorate your party with fun and fantasy.

Contortionist from Sydney

Em– Sydney
Em is a former National Gymnast and dancer originally from the United Kingdom who now resides in Sydney Australia.
This pint-sized entertainer will have you on the edge of your seat as she amazingly bends and contorts her body into freakily mind-boggling positions. If you want to see something memorable and entirely out of the norm watch Em squeeze herself into a tiny 16" Perspex Box balanced on a 7ft rig. This show should not be missed!

Little People Circus ActsArthur Circus Acts

Short statured people of Character. Both are skilled actors. Rima can belly dance. Arty can portray any character, any theme. Both have many different costumes, many different themes. Arty is also great with kids as he has 2 of his own!

Manx Circus Acts

James Loughron: the youngest sword swallower in the southern hemisphere! An amazing feat done by a 20 year old that shows no fear. He is also talented at aerial hoop, contact juggling, human pin cushion, bed of glass, do fire or black UV, contortion,circus and gymnastics. An all round performer

Swallowing Fluoro swords

Swallowing Real swords

Dirty Brothers Circus Acts

Featuring a fully packed show full of excitement, incredible stunts & sometimes dangerous feats that will absolutely amaze you! This show is jam packed with action & danger yet is backed by an accomplished comedy routine that will leave you in stitches & truly amazing and fun show.

Fortune tellers Circus Acts

Great for any party or event. She will tell you of the future, tell you of the past. Delve into your life and beyond. but most of all you and your guests will have a great time.

A talented hoop performer

Annabel began her circus career at the age of 12, performing all over the world with the famous Australian youth circus, The Flying Fruit Fly Circus.  Since then Annabel has performed with many circus companies, and as a solo and duo performer in festivals, corporate events, cabarets and burlesque shows. Annabel has performed all over the world, most recently in the UK and Ireland. Annabel is a versatile and experienced performer with a wide variety of skills and styles.

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Plate Spinning Circus Acts

A great old circu tradition revamped into a new based comedy that is great for Children. Juggling, games and clowning around make up this fun act.

Mr Quirk has delighted audiences the world over with his unique style of physical comedy

Mr Qwirk has delighted audiences the world over with his unique style of physical comedy and his minimalist approach to theater. Armed with little more than the expressions in his face, his innate body language, and a few small props - a world where the absurd and the sublime collide, bringing laughter and smiles to all.
A "wordless" comedy which transcends all language barriers!

Come fly with us on OzStar Airlines presenting First Class In-flight Entertainment

THE OZSTARS - Adelaide
The Ozstar's are strong, confident and sassy performers with a switched on sense of comedy, clowning and unique larrikin and eccentric Australian sense of humour. Come fly with us on OzStar Airlines presenting First Class In-flight Entertainment Please fasten your seatbelts, place your tray tables in an upright position and prepare for take-off with this high-flying comedic duo. Your hostesses Stacey and Tracey will provide you with an exciting array of live in-flight entertainment. Get your boarding passes ready and be amazed as these globetrotting hosties juggle the in-flight merchandise, actually entertain you with safety demonstrations and Hula Hoop until they take off with plenty of unexpected turbulence, these high flying ladies do meet high altitudes just before landing when Tracey performs the 5 hula hoop split while standing on Stacey's shoulders.

Allstarfish multi talented performers doing various shows

STARFISH - South East Queensland
Shows and Roving including Stilt walking, Juggling, object manipulation, unicycling, rope walking, circus acts, family comedy, interaction with the crowd and losing debates with 5 year olds.

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balloon twiter clown

The magical balloon man – north Queensland

Magical Balloon Man can perform many balloon stunts: he can twist over fifty different sculptures behind his back, balance them and push balls and other objects inside.
Finally, the Magical Balloon Man has a variety of academic qualifications and is the perfect person for educational magic shows.
Aside from magic, the Magical Balloon Man is known for his balloon sculpting and is one of the best balloon artists around.

Simon Wells is the Australian National Unicycle Champion

SIMON WELLS - Queensland
Simon Wells is the Australian National Unicycle Champion. He has been unicycling since he was 8 years old and is now a world class unicyclist. This worldwide fame shows when you look at just some of his achievements to date.
Second Place in the Individual Expert Male Freestyle at the Unicycle World Championships in Tokyo in July 2004. He won the same event at the Australian Nationals in 2001, 2003 and 2005 in both Darwin and Canberra.

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Smarty Pants clown

Smartie Pants the clown will create a special fantasy world where imaginations run wild and fun rules! Interactive kids magic show Fun and laughter Balloon folding  Clown bike  Juggling  Milkshake the Rabbit. Kids shows and walk around circus entertainment  for all ages. My show can include magic, magic show, roving, juggling, mini clown bike, unicycle, comedy and Balloon twisting!    

The Chocolate and Strawberry balancing show

Taking the best of their two solo shows, Scott Chocolate and Beck "Strawberry" Wilson have created a fast paced, circus show with diabolo, acrobalance, fire and more.

Beck Strawberry doing a ball spinning show

featuring great Hula Hoop tricks, Ball Spinning, Fire Hula Hoop,Circus tricks, Audience Participation and more.

Scott doing a baal balncing act

A Stupid Stunt - Perth
Scott chocolate’s show combines 20 years of performing experience in 40mins of fun. Scott entertains his audience with Diabolo, bounce juggling, comedy, hat tricks,circus tricks, balloon twisting,  audience participation and finally juggling fire on rolla bolla 3 foot in the air on a wobbly suitcase.

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Astronauts discovering new fronteirs comedy show

2 or 3 Astronauts "discover" their new surrounds in their electric powered Lunar Rover. These space cadets amuse and confuse with their lifelike suits, scientific instruments, Lunar Buggy and remote controlled robot.

Cameo Rascale

Cameo Rascale Perth
Australian Acrobatic Family Act
From all the way Downunder Australia, Steve, Gayle, James and Nicole Capener make up the very unique family acrobatic act Cameo Rascale.
Steve and Gayle have been performing together for 18 years, their children James and Nicole joined the act 6 years ago.
Their act includes adagio, hand balancing, roller boarding and juggling and circus tricks. They travel extensively, impressing audiences all over the world from BBC 1 UK television, cruise ships, corporate functions and television ads.

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