Festive Season Entertainers and Santa's

Festive Season Entertainers and Santa's

Festive season elvesFestive season elvesFestive season elvesFestive season elvesFestive season elves

many xmas characters to choose from

Elves stiltwalkers

Tall Elf Stilt walkers – New South Wales
Mischievous Elves that bounce around and cause havoc at any event. Why wait for Christmas when they are here year round
tall Santa’s are also available, why not have one of each.

Stilt walkers

Silvers - Victoria
Like stretched, animated mirror balls, the stilt-walking SILVERS are
serpentine, metallic, space-age and feminine. These sensually slinky
characters are sublimely sequined from their pointed alien heads to
their distant toes. An absolute crowd puller.
Incredible under lights, both indoors and out.
SILVERS are 4 meters tall.

Candy canes stiltwakerscandy cane stiltwalkers

Candy Canes - Victoria
This festive act delivers the “Wow!” factor! At 3.7 meters tall these cheeky, chatty Candy Canes will draw people in to your Christmas event and leave them with a sugar high. Also available without stilts (short and sweet) the Candy Canes can distribute candy as they delight your audience with their antics. The candy-man can!

Snow Queens Stilt walkers

Majestic, Magnificent, and Regal ! These Satin gowned beauties come bejeweled with a mosaic of mirrors, adorned with sequined crowns and trimmings of white fur reminiscent of an icy place. Telling tales Iceland, their home town, they bring wands for blessings, Confetti for celebration, and a towering presence of 3 metres above the ground.

the kids love his BMX stunts

Skull- A fair-dinkum typical real Aussie bloke. A crowd favourite, Skull talks the universal language of funny. The kids love his BMX stunts. The Mums love his muscley hairy legs. That Dads love talking to a real bloke about power tools and the footy. Skull is an extremely watch-able and like-able Aussie Larrikin who is phenomenally good at riding a bicycle.

Elegant trio singing Christmas carols

Singing Angels – Sydney
Elegant trio singing Christmas carols with exquisite harmonies in a range of classical, Swing, Gospel and Jazz styles. Bring the Christmas spirit to your event with a spectacular display of Angels dressed in long white flowing gowns, large feathered wings, blonde hair and halos, singing with the most beautiful voices you have ever heard! They now perform at numerous events and venues as their music stands out as some of the most beautiful arrangements of carols ever written. The harmonies are so gorgeous, these carols sound just as superb without accompaniment and are often performed in this environment.

Angelic Fairy Roving Acts

Stilt/Ground Character/ Human Statue
Bringing blessings of joy and good Fortune, these angelic characters carry an air of beauty and mystique. Transforming into a Stilt Characters, Ground Characters or Gold Human Statues, these angelic cupids (2 available) will fit in with all ages and events. If your event requires a touch of elegance and grace (and possibly a bit of cheekiness), you have found what you are looking for.

 Christmas Elves  Christmas Elves Christmas Elves Christmas Elves

Fat Christmas Elves

Colourful Christmas characters

Ding a Ling Alots - Vic

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