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Insurance for fire & permits for pyrotechnics & animal handling are all supplied. Fully covered by public liability & indemnity insurance. Fire Tech/Marshal also included in price.


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Pyrorhythmic is a journey into a world of pounding rhythms and sensual firePyrorhythmic is a journey into a world of pounding rhythms and sensual fire

Pyrorhythmic - Victoria
For the past decade, Pyrorhythmic has continued to wow crowds all over Australia, and despite imitators, still sets the benchmark for this form of show.
Pyrorhythmic harks back to the early days of fire dance when the founding crew would organize huge beach parties, attracting pyros and drummers from all over the country. This amazing vibe and feel was captured by Pyrorhythmic and brought to the general public where it's been a consistent hit ever since. And no wonder, with a combination of the finest African, Afro Cuban and Arabic drummers in concert with tribal fire dance from around the globe.
Available as a 6, 7 or 8 piece show, Pyrorhythmic is packed with a range of stunning fire effects and fire breaters. Pyrotechnic effects and displays can also be added that are fully designed and produced in-house for a show that packs a real punch.
Pyrorhythmic is a journey into a world of pounding rhythms and sensual fire, making for the perfect feature show at any event.

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fire effectsfire effects

Fire Effects & Sculptures - Victoria
Fire effects and Fire sculptures are an amazing way to create a feature at an event or as a marketing tool. Fire effects are also perfect for film, TV and theatrical productions as set pieces or as special effects for that real fire look.
Fire signs and sculptures use fire to create a design which is lit to reveal the design. The flames are real fire, in natural flame or coloured flame if desired. Fire effects can vary but commonly have a burn time of up to 10 minutes. Fire signs are re-usable and the effect can be replicated over and over again.
Although primarily for outdoor use, some fireworks and fire effects are safe to use in some indoor environments however they still release some noxious gases and should be ventilated well. Some options available include:
• 2D and 3D, vertical or horizontal event installation
• Stage show effects
• Film and TV effects
• Ceremonial pyres
• Logo, name and text display
• Pictorial display
• Coloured flames availablefire line separator

fire belly dancerfire belly dancer

Zefirah Fire Belly Dance - Victoria
Fire Belly dance is a specialty of Zefirah and is a unique and modern interpretation of an ancient dance from the Middle East.
Highly detailed costuming and exotic make up designs are combined with stunning visual effects such as Fire fans, Fire swords, Fire cauldron and ‘Palms of fire’ for a Belly dance experience like no other. The mix of traditional and modern is also reflected in the musical accompaniment with either contemporary Arabic tracks or live Arabic percussion. This show is virtually unique and has proven to be an audience favourite over many years for obvious reasons….be it the shimmy or the sizzle.
Dance styles available: Traditional Egyptian, Tribal, Gothic, Contemporary, Fusion, Bollywood, Cabaret.

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fire performers

Erebus - Victoria
Like a descent into a carnival in hell, Erebus audiences are submerged in a sweltering frenzy of fire circus and dance.
Erebus welcomes you with fiery fun and games before launching into a fire storm of swirling flames and radiant fire balls. In keeping with the temperature on stage, Erebus is choreographed to a scorching soundtrack that fused together, produces the ultimate fire experience.
Erebus is available as a 3, 4 or 5 piece show with a range of stunning fire effects and fire breathers. Pyrotechnic effects and displays can also be added to Erebus that are fully designed and produced in-house for a show like no other.

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Pyrotechnics or fireworks are a high light at any event or for any productionPyrotechnics or fireworks are a high light at any event or for any productionPyrotechnics or fireworks are a high light at any event or for any production

Pyrotechnic Effects - Victoria
Pyrotechnics or fireworks are a high light at any event or for any production. Large aerial displays, theatrical shows and special effects are all available and can be used as a stand-alone feature or added to a FireWorks Dance Co. fire performance shows if desired. Some of the effects that can be used include Flame pots or Fireballs, Fountains or Gerbs, Mines, Pyrotechnic signs, flash effects and a large variety of shells for outdoor aerial displays.
All insurance, risk assessments, permits and trained staff are provided as required on all displays. Pyrotechnics are ideal for:
• Outdoor fireworks displays
• Stage show effects for theatre and music acts
• Film and TV special effects
• Chinese New Year celebrations
• Product launches

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fire dancerfire dancer

Moulin Rouge Fire (Stage show & roving entertainment) - Victoria
Let the windmill wings of the Moulin Rouge embrace you in this fire show with a sexy twist. Zefirah, your femme fatale at the helm steers you through the delights of Parisian Cabaret dance combined with dangerous fire-eating techniques and fire poi's (ahem…or “fire whips” if your venues got the space).
This cheeky show is fully clothed with a burlesque feel and Zefirah runs the fire over different parts of her body. Ooh la la. The show includes some audience participation and clients can nominate audience members to receive special attention.

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Angle Grinding Side Show

Angle Grinding Side Show - Victoria
Angle Grinding creates a huge volley of sparks and light that can be aimed in all directions. Our angle grinding performers wear custom designed costumes with special plates on their arms and crotches.
They grind on these areas - dangerously close to the anatomy - for the audience's pleasure. One of our most popular crowd pleasing antics is where the performers bend over and shoot sparks out of their back-sides. The performers grind in time with the music and get into cheeky character.
Angle grinding is a great podium act, is an integral part of our freak show and makes a great addition to a fire show. Industrial, freak and tradesman/women themes line separator

Fire Acts

Fire dancers & jugglers, poi chains, devil sticks. diabolo's, body transfer & fire manipulation, belly & candle dancing, fire whips, every form of fire act imaginable. Fully choreographed shows or roving are available. Reptiles also available for teaching purposes.

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contortionists doing a fire act

Twisted Twins  (Stage show & roving entertainment) - Victoria
The ancient art of Contortion confounds and amazes audiences, as it has for a millennia. Beauty, flexibility and control collaborate to deliver a hypnotic and awe inspiring performance.
The Twisted Twins can fit seamlessly into different event themes and can also provide staging and props for that special finishing touch. Both hatching from the famous Fruit Fly Circus, the Twisted Twins combine their contortion skills with adagio and modern contemporary dance and have become famous for their Chinese Candle Dance routine.

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Atmosfire Fire Acts

An incredible fire artist, skilled at every facet of fire artistry. He's also an expert at juggling glow balls & batons & glow-light magic can replace flags, ribbon/twirling in place of fire. Also a skilled stilt-walker & acrobat! Duo are available with matching reflective costumes that come to life under black UV.

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Firework and co Fire Acts

FIREWORKS and CO -Victoria
An amazing array of fire & colour that takes you to an incredible show, filled with unique & dangerous acts and fire breathers that will take you to another dimension. Roving is also available.

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Flouroessence Fire Acts

Incredible array of light & infusion. Multiple props are used in order to achieve this creative illusion, safe for any venue in place of fire. 2 to 4 artists are available.

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Cirque Mistique Fire Acts

2 to 6 performers creating an illusion of different spectrums of light and props are used, safe for any venue in place of line separator

Manx Fire Acts

MANX -Victoria
James Loughron: An amazing young performer, an incredible 20 year old that shows no fear. He is also a talented aerialist featuring hoop & Tissue . He is a great fire breather and can contact juggle, swallow swords & do fire or black UV, contortion & gymnastics. An all round performer.

Swallowing Fluoro swords

Swallowing Real swords

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Fire jugglers Fire Acts

An amazing array of fire & colour - Juggling at its very finest and filled with unique & dangerous juggling that includes fire, fans and fire breathing into a circus filled show - Roving also line separator

Fire entertainer Sydney

Joy - Fire Dancer – Sydney

As a fire dancer Joy dazzles audiences with her daring fire skills and her artistic grace. Her toys of choice include, fire hoop, poi, staff, ropes, and fans. In "flirting" with the fire she brings in dance and beauty, telling a story with her performance. She has performed at Burning Man events, San Francisco Fire Arts Festival, Sydney Mardi Gras Festival, Dark Circus, World Youth Day (Sydney) as well as other corporate events and gala openings – Her partner is just as excellent, together they form a daring yet graceful and furious story within their show.

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Nellie fire performer

Nellie - Sydney
An incredible fire and stunt performer that will take you into another world! offering you unique fire juggling, rola bolla, balancing an axe on his chin whilst doing press ups on a bed of nails! simply an amazing performer that also plays the violin ( very well ) whilst it’s on fire! a high class side show act and a high class corporate show!

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Fire Spirit Fire Acts

A wonderful fire troupe providing great shows or roving with the beauty of the flames combined with flowing movements hypnotises audiences around the world. African drummers & didgeridoo players are also available.

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Fire in Motion Fire Acts

Extravagant but elegant, dynamic & daring, bringing style & grace to the art of fire dance. A unique blend of fire, dance & courageous skills, creating a stunning visual display for any event or audience. Utilising fire eating, chains, sticks, clubs & ropes of fire. fire line separator

A truly spectacular fire show for outdoor festivals and events

A truly spectacular fire show for outdoor festivals and events. Lots of slapstick humour and silliness blended with first class circus skills and all set to a quirky soundtrack. Fire juggling, fire eating, fire stick balance, thumb tip magic, walk of death, fire skipping on a unicycle, clown / bike through fire arch and fire atomisers to give the big ball of flame line separator

Harry Fahrenheit Fire jugging and fire eating perfection.

Fire jugging and fire eating perfection.  Suitable for meet n’ greet or as a 12 min sight act with or without a flaming podium. Bringing you the spectacular fire-skipping on the unicycle surrounded by flames.  A true show stopper!  A quirky fire show choreographed to Harry’s own eclectic choice of music with fire eating, fire breather, fire juggling, fire balance, body burning, audience participation (walk of death), and of course oodles of flames. The finale fire-skipping on the unicycle will bring the house down.

Fire act with a musical twist

Liquid Flambé - Sydney
Mare a leading violinist and physical performer plays with partner, Nellie a daring circus stuntman & fire performer who also plays violin. They present their beautiful music in various acro balance positions, sometimes on the one violin, and even whilst dancing the Tango!

Liquid flambé comes alive with fire, knife juggling, acro balance, dance, violins, balancing objects, a rose and a bed of nails. All elements are optional. The show is modular, so can be custom-designed to suit your event.

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wonderful fire acts available from ZOOM Entertainment

FIRE SHOW - Wollongong
A 15-minute trio fire performance, including fire twirling, fire juggling, fire whips, fire guns and fire breathers to a recorded soundtrack.
Individual fire performers also available

Acroflame is such a multi talented performer and an all round entertainer for any event

He’s an incredible fire performer, acrobat, juggles anything, does magic and clowning, trampoline, adagio, stilts! such a multi talented performer and an all round entertainer for any event.

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Fire and Contortion Fire Acts

Contortion like you've never seen before! Fire & contortion together to create a combination of moves that are truly incredible to watch! Fire is the element of danger that turns into passion!fire line separator

Chris stilts Fire Acts

CHRISTO MICO - ground or stilt character -Victoria
A character on stilts based on the fool or court jester, he is excellent at meeting & greeting guests were he will do mime, juggling and imitate people. He also does balloon bending and can even do fire. Great for venues or for any event, any age.

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Comic Facilitator Fire Acts

COMIC FACILITATOR - ground or stilt character -Victoria
Fire-Circus- Magic fused with comedy and audience participation
This show is a comedy juggling and manipulation act, with audience interaction. From hat and cane to whipping the cigarette out of the mouth, and a comedy version of the 100 foot rope escape. Finishing with high impact fire manipulation, Influenced by W.C. Fields and traditional vaudevillian entertainment.

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Pyroptix Fire Acts

PYROPTIX -Victoria
Creating custom spectacles centered on the hypnotic, charismatic and striking art of fire dance. Building on traditional martial movements, contemporary dance choreography and gymnastic flairs, artists tailor their talents to the available space with a soundtrack handpicked for audiences demographicfire line separator

Dragon Fire Fire Acts

DRAGON FIRE or UV -Victoria
Breath taking fire performance and Spectacular ultra violet dance routines. Dancing, using chains, stave's, and clubs,
Swinging and juggling fire around the body, fire-eating and fire-stroking on the body. Using skills and refined techniques combined with tricks. Each tool sharing its individual role within the show to create a unique dance line separator

Stilts on Fire

Want to wow your guest upon arrival why not turn up the heat and use stilt walkers with fire blasters. A great way to start or finish any line separator

Fire Afterdusk Fire Acts

AFTERDUSK - Gold Coast
Afterdusk fire performers have been performing fire shows around the world to a variety of audiences for the past decade, from concerts and commercials to corporate functions and festivals. With our years of experience at all types of venues we're able to create the perfect entertainment for any event. From free style spinners and stilt walkers with fire breathers to fully choreographed stage productions. All of our performers come with public liability insurance and a variety of skills. We're guaranteed to fire up event.

Afterdusks fire act

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fire performers gold coast

FLAME - Gold Coast
Heat up your event with Fire Twirling performers. Gold Coast based fire twirlers and tribal drummers are certain to add a great atmosphere to your event. Tribal, Arabian or elegant black costume themes available. Flames, tricks and dance is a perfect way to bring the night to life and give your guests an experience to remember.

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firebreatherfirebreather from the Sunshine Coast

EMBERELA - Sunshine Coast
Tania has been Performing with fire for over 10 years , Tania is fully insured and knows how to perform safely in different environments. I twirl single staff, double staff, twirl the staffs with my feet and have broken the Guinness Record in fire breathing. I perform to my own music or music supplied by the client.

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