Abba tribute with a female duo

Abbagirls - Victoria
Performing all of Abba’s greatest hits these girls will have you singing and dancing throughout the show.With gorgeous costumes and quality backing tracks Abbagirls can make any party or event a night to remember.Abbagirls is unique as the act predominately runs as a duo, making them more affordable than other Abba tributes and they are also able to play in smaller spaces than a full band without compromising on sound.

Listen to SOS

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Listen to Dancing Queen

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the news crew to spice up your event

News Crew - Melbourne
News Crew are a comic and interactive duo that impersonate an American News Crew. In the style of reporting television shows such as Entertainment Tonight’, News Crew can turn up to an event with an industry standard camera with lights and a fabulous blonde all American host ‘Stephanie’. Stephanie will interview guests arriving on the red
carpet and the crew can also roam around the room during pre-dinner drinks. The act is based on comedy so your host Stephanie will charm all the girls and all the boys with her flirtatious, adorable, flamboyant and (sometimes) outrageous behavior!

News Crew in action

Ozzy Impersonators

OZZY - Impersonator - Victoria
.......has sung on stage with bands, made special appearances at the ballet and The Spiegeltent just to name a few. He`s been spotted at sporting events, Australian TV. Who knows when you're seeing 'the real thing' or a razor-sharp impersonation? As a host or a "special guest" is a riot at your next dinner or awards night.

MJ Impersonators

MJ - Impersonator - Victoria
The ultimate dance tribute to Michael Jackson will take you by surprise. An extraordinary floor show which will entertain & thrill you until the end. Precise choreographed routines & authentic replica costumes will make you believe you are watching Jacko himself.

Watch MJ one

Watch MJ tw0

Patsy Impersonators

PATSY AB FAB - Impersonator - Victoria
Invite Patsy to your next function and enjoy the mayhem which unfolds whenever she is around. Absolutely Fabulous roving entertainment!

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To title it a 'tribute' is simply not enough..Karolina astounds audiences with the look, sound and floorshow of the Princess of Pop. This pint sized copy has captured the 'essence' that is KYLIE.
Lavish Costumes, Fully choreographed and incorporating some of Australia's leading dancers, it is easy to see why this show is such a big hit with Kylie fans and critics alike!

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Dame Edna Impersonators

DAME EDNA - Impersonator - Victoria
Why not invite The Dame to make your function one to remember! As a roving character, to welcome your guests, start your night rolling, MC or even sing a song or 2! With an impressive list of corporate & private clients, Dame Edna always leaves a lasting impression on your guests.

Jeannie Impersonators

JEANIE - Impersonator - Victoria
You're guests dreams come true as Jeanie (aka Sue-Anne Webster) entertains them with her magic. Sue-Anne's tribute to Jeanie is so authentic that they have chosen her at the official Jeanie look alike - the only one in the entire world!

Jack Sparrow impersonatorJack Sparrow in the flesh

JACK SPARROW - Impersonator - Brisbane
Johnny Depp would have to look twice if he encountered this treacherous, treasure-hunting Jack Sparrow. Attention to detail and attitude to boot, your guests will be left wondered exactly who was that man in the bandana…  Preferring to make peace and not war, this is one pirate who uses wit and negotiation instead of weapons and force.   
A fantastic meet and greet impersonator at your next Pirate themed event!

  Worlds greatest Bono impersonator

BONO - Impersonator
Pavel’s main claim to fame is as a Bono impersonator, having fronted several U2 tribute bands. He attends charity events, corporate functions, dinner parties and weddings, serenading and charming the guests. He has given speeches, and even sermons! as a Bono impersonator, and often has guests refusing to believe that Bono himself is not before them.

Kath and Kim impersonators

Kath and Kim – Sydney –New South Wales

Those ‘Foxy’ ladies from Fountain Lakes will have you in stitches the minute they arrive! The second they enter in those ‘beeeuwtiful’ costumes you can hear the ripple of laughter spread for the whole night! This comedy makes for a fantastic mix in between Speeches, Awards, Food and Beverage Service, Multimedia presentations, etc.  Guests are thoroughly entertained with hilarious comedy routines; Uproarious Visual gags; Audience participation in the comic skits; Side-Splitting Songs…(Kimmy’s “What About Moooie” Song, plus other riotous numbers; Play on Words; Dork Dancing and all the usual suburban mayhem! Perfect for comic Master of Ceremonies, roving characters, comedy spots etc.

Lady Ga Ga impersontaor

LADY GA GA Impersonator / Tribute Show – Sydney
The hottest pop star on the market, Sydney's Lady Ga Ga Act is sure to keep you enthralled with her mad costumes, killer voice, rock star attitude and spontaneous stage frivolities, whilst performing music's coolest dance tracks and bringing the room alive. Leah has performed as a professional singer, actor and comedian in New York, Asia Pacific and Australia wide for the past 10 years. She also has a list of TV and radio credits to her name. The Lady Ga Ga Act is flexible and can perform as a roving character adding rock star status to your event; she can also perform a few songs solo, or you can have a 20 minute tribute show with dancers at her side for an amazing stage spectacle at your next function.

The Pompadours

The Pompadours – Sydney
Exquisite and Theatrical Opera Singing and Opera Speaking Characters who waltz and meander amongst your guests. They create a grand entrance into your function room, interact and entertain groups, turn into statues periodically, play fun tricks on your guests, provide intrigue and comedy with their songs and scene acting whilst singing famous Italian Arias, Handel, Mozart, etc.


ROBBEE WILLIAMS is heating up stages all over the place

ROBBEE WILLIAMS - Impersonator - New South Wales
Stages are heating up this summer, girls are melting all over the place this summer!!! Why?
Robbee Williams, backed by his band of five seasoned musicians, two sensational backing singers and his lovely, lovely dancers have hit town.Back from a successful Europe and UK 'city hop'... Robbee is already making a splash in Sydney.

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Sting tribute show located in Sydney

Tribute band- Sting and 'The Police' - Impersonator - Sydney

Highly sort after band bringing the music and feel Sting and the Police to you next event.

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