Lighting, Sound, Riggers

Tim Macfie

TIM MACFIE -Victoria
Lighting design - programming & operation done by this very talented operator/programmer/LD. He can also rig up lighting fixtures, do staging & set up lights for any event big or small. His bio tells of his abundance of big parties he's done all around australia.

Barry is one of the best in the business

Bazza - Gold Coast
Responsible for technical set up and operating of professional audiovisual equipment in all major key conference centres in NSW and Qld. Set up and operate sound systems ranging from conventional audio system to state of the art line array systems. Operating pro audio equipment ranging Digico, Yamaha, Amek and Midas digital audio consoles Fulsom switchers to digital lighting boards.

Reproducing sound in auditoriums ranging from stadiums and arenas to theatres and clubs. Liaising with tour sound crew and in-house staff at venues to ensure that optimum sound quality was reproduced. Liaising with mobile recording companies, television, radio and video companies. Sending broadcast-quality feeds of performances from the mixing console for broadcast on television, radio and video. Overseeing all aspects of the artist and client's sound requirements


Office 03 9754 3382........ mobile 0422 176 400