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Fire entertainer Sydney

Joy - Fire Dancer

As a fire dancer Joy dazzles audiences with her daring fire skills and her artistic grace. Her toys of choice include, fire hoop, poi, staff, ropes, and fans. In "flirting" with the fire she brings in dance and beauty, telling a story with her performance. She has performed at Burning Man events, San Francisco Fire Arts Festival, Sydney Mardi Gras Festival, Dark Circus, World Youth Day (Sydney) as well as other corporate events and gala openings – Her partner is just as excellent, together they form a daring yet graceful and furious story within their show.

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Fire Spirit Roving Acts

A wonderful fire troupe providing great shows or roving with the beauty of the flames combined with flowing movements hypnotises audiences around the world. African drummers and didgeridoo players are also available.fire line

Fire in Motion Roving Acts

Extravagant but elegant, dynamic and daring, bringing style and grace to the art of fire dance. A unique blend of fire, dance and courageous skills, creating a stunning visual display for any event or audience. Utilising fire eating, chains, sticks, clubs and ropes of fire. fire line


Angelic Fairy Roving Acts

Stilt/Ground Character/ Human Statue
Bringing blessings of joy and good Fortune, these angelic characters carry an air of beauty and mystique. Transforming into a Stilt Characters, Ground Characters or Gold Human Statues, these angelic cupids (2 available) will fit in with all ages and events. If your event requires a touch of elegance and grace (and possibly a bit of cheekiness), you have found what you are looking for.

Kath and Kim impersonators

Kath and Kim – Sydney –New South Wales

Those ‘Foxy’ ladies from Fountain Lakes will have you in stitches the minute they arrive! The second they enter in those ‘beeeuwtiful’ costumes you can hear the ripple of laughter spread for the whole night! This comedy makes for a fantastic mix in between Speeches, Awards, Food and Beverage Service, Multimedia presentations, etc.  Guests are thoroughly entertained with hilarious comedy routines; Uproarious Visual gags; Audience participation in the comic skits; Side-Splitting Songs…(Kimmy’s “What About Moooie” Song, plus other riotous numbers; Play on Words; Dork Dancing and all the usual suburban mayhem! Perfect for comic Master of Ceremonies, roving characters, comedy spots etc.

Lady Ga Ga impersontaor

LADY GA GA Impersonator / Tribute Show – Sydney
The hottest pop star on the market, Sydney's Lady Ga Ga Act is sure to keep you enthralled with her mad costumes, killer voice, rock star attitude and spontaneous stage frivolities, whilst performing music's coolest dance tracks and bringing the room alive. Leah has performed as a professional singer, actor and comedian in New York, Asia Pacific and Australia wide for the past 10 years. She also has a list of TV and radio credits to her name. The Lady Ga Ga Act is flexible and can perform as a roving character adding rock star status to your event; she can also perform a few songs solo, or you can have a 20 minute tribute show with dancers at her side for an amazing stage spectacle at your next function.

Buster Poppop a complete and utter Balloonatic

Roving clown balloon- bender.  The most interactive balloon-bender in Sydney, kids can get involved and he can even twist them behind his back. No audience is too large for this balloon bending dynamite.  Perfect for family fun days and shopping centres.

The Pompadours

The Pompadours – Sydney
Exquisite and Theatrical Opera Singing and Opera Speaking Characters who waltz and meander amongst your guests. They create a grand entrance into your function room, interact and entertain groups, turn into statues periodically, play fun tricks on your guests, provide intrigue and comedy with their songs and scene acting whilst singing famous Italian Arias, Handel, Mozart, etc.

Elegant trio singing Christmas carols

Singing Angels – Sydney
Elegant trio singing Christmas carols with exquisite harmonies in a range of classical, Swing, Gospel and Jazz styles. Bring the Christmas spirit to your event with a spectacular display of Angels dressed in long white flowing gowns, large feathered wings, blonde hair and halos, singing with the most beautiful voices you have ever heard! They now perform at numerous events and venues as their music stands out as some of the most beautiful arrangements of carols ever written. The harmonies are so gorgeous, these carols sound just as superb without accompaniment and are often performed in this environment.

Harry Fahrenheit Fire jugging and fire eating perfection.

Fire jugging and fire eating perfection.  Suitable for meet n’ greet or as a 12 min sight act with or without a flaming podium. Bringing you the spectacular fire-skipping on the unicycle surrounded by flames.  A true show stopper!  A quirky fire show choreographed to Harry’s own eclectic choice of music with fire eating, fire juggling, fire balance, body burning, audience participation (walk of death), and of course oodles of flames. The finale fire-skipping on the unicycle will bring the house down.

Unicycling Dan Sydney’s favourite unicyclist

 Sydney’s favourite unicyclist. Dan is a truly skilled unicycling genius with a fabulous collection of standard, giraffe and off road unicycles. He can bunny hop, hop up stairs, juggle and club pass, skip, catch his hat on his foot and kick it back up to his head and he can do most of this on both small and giraffe unicycles. His feature act is the spectacular fire-skipping on unicycle on a flaming podium. A true show stopper!

Cyber Cop Roving Acts

These interactive Cyber Funk Cops (on stilts or as floor characters) will keep your audience sharp and on the beat! Intrigued by their arrival in a new land, their quirky space talk and far out commentary will humour the most serious of audiences.

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