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This duo is absolutely amazing! They are our top Australian accredited Fina, Olympic and Commonwealth medal holders in duo Synchronized swimming - They swim in perfect sync & look absolutely beautiful in their duo matching costumes. Show is dependant of size & depth of pool.

R Bar doing a fantastic strength balanve routine

R - BAR - Perform anywhere in the world
The only people in Australia to perform the Russian Bar, a highflying spectacle 3-person act.   The full potential of the bar is discovered as the bases gracefully throw the flyer up to 7m in the air to land balanced perfectly on the bar.  This act is sure to amaze any audience as they watch the trio move in total unison.

Brad Blaze Speed Painter great for corporate occasions and promotion Performs Australia wide

BRAD BLAZE - Sydney , Australia wide
Brad Blaze has taken special event & corporate entertainment in an exciting new direction. His high energy shows engage the audience, combining lightning fast speed painting with magical illusions bringing people to life on a huge art canvas.

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ROBBEE WILLIAMS is heating up stages all over the place

Stages are heating up this summer, girls are melting all over the place this summer!!! Why?
Robbee Williams, backed by his band of five seasoned musicians, two sensational backing singers and his lovely, lovely dancers have hit town.Back from a successful Europe and UK 'city hop'... Robbee is already making a splash in Sydney.

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James Bustar  live Shows

JAMES BUSTAR - Sydney- Performs world wide
James Buster is performed by International Variety Performer, James Blaxall, a professionally trained circus artiste, physical comedian and world class juggler from the World renowned Flying Fruit Fly Circus. He is also a trained actor: having been taught by some of the industry's biggest names and has had the honor of performing as an extra beside Kate Winslet and Christopher Eccleston in Internationally acclaimed films.

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DAN DRUFF unicyclist

A highly skilled comic performance of unicycling juggling and balloon madness. Dan Druff uses his crazy humour and zany props to woo the crowds. His antics are ideal for parties, corporate functions, shopping centers, festivals and anywhere you need a few laughs. His 30 minute one man circus show or roving act includes juggling, plate spinning, hat manipulation, extra-ordinary balloon bending, small magic tricks, object balancing, diabolo, oodles of tomb-foolery and features the amazing skipping unicycle routine, a jaw dropping display of world class unicycling.

Meals on Wheels Juggling chef duo

Meals on Wheels Juggling chef duo – Roving comic act featuring juggling, unicycling, plate-spinning, balance tricks and a smattering of magic. Equipment is moved on customised chefs / waiters trolleys with built-in Piaf soundtrack. Very, very funny and highly skilled! Filled with visual gags. Another four chefs (not on unicycles) are also available for roving gigs on request – two on stilts, two on the ground. Features audience participation, it is suitable for children. Slapstick at its best!

Harry Fahrenheit Fire jugging and fire eating perfection.

Fire jugging and fire eating perfection.  Suitable for meet n’ greet or as a 12 min sight act with or without a flaming podium. Bringing you the spectacular fire-skipping on the unicycle surrounded by flames.  A true show stopper!  A quirky fire show choreographed to Harry’s own eclectic choice of music with fire eating, fire juggling, fire balance, body burning, audience participation (walk of death), and of course oodles of flames. The finale fire-skipping on the unicycle will bring the house down.

Unicycling Dan Sydney’s favourite unicyclist

 Sydney’s favourite unicyclist. Dan is a truly skilled unicycling genius with a fabulous collection of standard, giraffe and off road unicycles. He can bunny hop, hop up stairs, juggle and club pass, skip, catch his hat on his foot and kick it back up to his head and he can do most of this on both small and giraffe unicycles. His feature act is the spectacular fire-skipping on unicycle on a flaming podium. A true show stopper!

Fire Spirit  live Shows

A wonderful fire troupe providing great shows or roving with the beauty of the flames combined with flowing movements hypnotises audiences around the world. African drummers & didgeridoo players are also available.fire line

Fire in Motion  live Shows

Extravagant but elegant, dynamic & daring, bringing style & grace to the art of fire dance. A unique blend of fire, dance & courageous skills, creating a stunning visual display for any event or audience. Utilising fire eating, chains, sticks, clubs & ropes of fire. fire line

A truly spectacular fire show for outdoor festivals and events

A truly spectacular fire show for outdoor festivals and events. Lots of slapstick humour and silliness blended with first class circus skills and all set to a quirky soundtrack. Fire juggling, fire eating, fire stick balance, thumb tip magic, walk of death, fire skipping on a unicycle, clown / bike through fire arch and fire atomisers to give the big ball of flame effect.fire line

UV Circus  live Shows

Ultra Violet Light Performance utilises Ultra Violet LIGHT to bring UV sensitive twirling, juggling equipment and costumes to LIFE! UV Twirling and juggling creates an explosion of iridescent light moving within and around UV Costumed Performers. Creating radiant trails of different coloured light, UV Performance is as mysterious as it is entrancing. UV performance adapts well to Roving, Podium style and Stage Show and works as an ideal alternative to Fire performance.

Steve Shows

Australia's Leading Hypnotist
As seen on "The Footy Show", "Midday Australia", "Australia's Funniest Home Videos", "ABC Catalyst", "The Denise Drysdale Show" and more. Steven is by far the most popular and heavily booked Stage Hypnotist in Australia. If you have a special event that requires professionalism, unsurpassed quality & spectacular comedy. Booked by Australia's largest corporate companies.

Fantasia de Brazil  live Shows

Breathtaking: Professional and fully choreographed corporate shows, filled with incredible costumes, wonderful dancing and an amazing show! Featuring beautiful girl and boy dancers doing nearly every form of Latin dance. Including capoeira, drums and an MC. Giving you a taste of Brazil

Murray Raine Marcelle the Violinist

Murray's famous puppet show

Murray is continually updating his methods of presentation now using a black art style of theatre where the audience can actually see the puppeteer at work. Murray Raine’s internationally acclaimed star-studded troupe includes over 25 outrageous marionettes and life-size rod puppets featuring truly spectacular costumes in a humorous, slick and vibrant cabaret style program. This is Australia’s largest and most dynamic puppet revue that never fails to captivate and enthrall an audience of any age.

Murray Raine with his family cabaret puppet show

Murray has continually worked and toured professionally in theatre, film, theatre restaurants, night-clubs, radio, theatre-in-education, television commercials and cruise ships as well as directing and tutoring in the art of puppetry. His skills as a puppet designer have been used for television and stage

Acroflame an incredible fire performer, acrobat, juggles anything, does magic and clowning, trampoline, adagio, stilts

Acroflame was a member of the Australian Men's Four Sports Acrobats team in the late 80s and at 19 and was an accomplished acrobat, training four to five hours a day, seven days a week. He’s an incredible fire performer, acrobat, juggles anything, does magic and clowning, trampoline, adagio, stilts! such a multi talented performer and an all round entertainer for any event.

World-renowned street entertainer and astounding performer Sean Bridges mixes amazing bicycle stunts

Extreme entertainment, extreme fun! World-renowned street entertainer and astounding performer Sean Bridges mixes amazing bicycle stunts, incredible juggling tricks and his spontaneous, zany humour to put on a thrilling, fearless funny show. Trained in Europe's biggest circus and largest theme park, and performing at the extreme games. Sean has awed audiences around the world.

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Silvestre  live Shows

I am from Africa and i have worked in European circuses, universoul circus from America... , theme parks , Gala shows in Belgium, Holland and Asia in South Korea as well here in Australia at Jupiter’s casino , my performance is based on Caribbean acts famous fire limbo , acrobatics , hat juggling, balancing acts.

Happy shiny people

Happy shiny people - NSW
Very strange non speaking yet silly squeaking and very happy shiny people! They use a device that makes them squeal and make very unusual sounds! They do acrobatic, stilts, juggling and fire amongst other things. They come as a duo or a quartet and either rove or can put on a show.


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