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Luke Ha - Adagio - Victoria

This duo male and female ADAGIO ACT is about the creation, coexistence and harmony between Man and Woman. Elegant graceful movement patterns blended with strength from both genders show the beauty of peace and joy. This pair is also versatile and is able to adjust or create an act suitable to the desires of the employer.

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Gemini twins doing an Adagio perfomance

Both Daniel and Jacek (identical twins) were born in Poland and have competed with the world championships sports of acrobatics! Performing with Cirque du Soleil they are considered to be one of the best adagio and hand balancing acts in the world ( their are only two adagio favoured the best in the world ). Their longest contract, so far, has been with CIRQUE DU SOLEIL in their production of Saltimbanco for 4 years.

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Zant an amazing adagio and aerial duo

ZANT - Victoria
Such beautiful and highly sophisticated performers doing European moves whether they are up in the air or on the ground! featuring highly trained dancing, physical theatre and elite performances with such graceful dance adagio!

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Duo Adagio

Boys adagio : Professional and incredible moves that simply leave you breathless. one of the best adagio act in Australia. This is live entertainment at its very best.

Aqua Adagio performers

Aqua Adagio
Aqua Adagio is a new performance act that delivers a seamless blend of high level acrobatic lifts and balances with fluid and sensual dancing. Glenn and Ebony are both professional dancers as well as professional acrobats, giving you the best of both worlds.

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Fantastic corporate hand balancing act

3 Times
3 times is the most popular corporate trio routine.  This new age act, incorporates adagio and hand-balancing to showcase the astounding, almost gravity defying shapes and images that will leave the audience questions, what is really possible.

1950s handbalacing act for corporate appearences

Styled in 1950’s this act pulls out all the stops with a graceful, polite and polished performance.  The slow piano music sets the seen as the performers seem to fall in and out of handstand with precise and perfect timing, never missing a beat.

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Fantastic balancing act incorporating chairs

Performed as a Solo, Duo, or Trio this act incorporates adagio, hand balancing and chair stacks to create imagery that has to be seen to be believed. 

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World class handstand act

Stephen Williams
As a teen he engrossed himself in many Sports, including representing Australia at the Under 16 Baseball World Win series. If that wasn't enough he, was also a Semi-Professional and sort after, Extreme Street Inline Skater, competing nation wide. He made a brief appearance Break Dancing at the Dareben Festival, Australia where he was scouted by ‘Westside Circus’ to be an Acrobat.

Stephen majored in ‘Hand Balance’, but also studied ‘Straps’, ‘Corde Lisse’, ‘Acro-balance’ (Base & Fly), ‘Tissue’ and ‘Acrobatics’ as supplementary disciplines. Having attained a University Bachelor Degree in Circus Arts his talent has taken him around the world and back performing with renowned production companies, Festivals, Corporate and Ceremonial events.

great adagio duo act kali and Jessi

Jesse and Kali together perform floor-based Adagio routines. Lately they have been working to incorporate the style and excitement of Salsa and Samba into their Adagio routine, opposing the smooth lifts with the wild movements of the dancing style. This demonstration of strength and focus is sure to impress. The routine can easily be themed differently for different performance environments.

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Duo English Gentlemen Adagio

DUO - English gentlemen
An incredible show that features the best acrobatics you've ever seen. The New York Times, Mirror Montreal, The Arges Brighton, The Advertiser Adelaide all say they are the best at what they do!

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These acrobatic characters demonstrate strength and precision through a series of gravity defying stunts

With today's growing need for security and protection the 'Agents' are always 1 step ahead. These acrobatic characters demonstrate strength and precision through a series of gravity defying stunts.  The performers effortlessly move through seemingly impossible positions while maintaining perfect balance.

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Absolute Acrobatics Adagio

Boys adagio: you'll be amazed how he plays the double base whilst balancing on it! these two are very sort after performers. They also have a few shows to pick from with or without the double bass!

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Contrapeso Adagio

Boy and girl adagio: A fully choreographed unique 6min performance with a female being the base and the male being the flyer, this involves counter balancing and transitions into static holds. These two are amazing to watch, especially a woman lifting the man.

Chris doing an Adagio Act

Duo Adage
Acrobatic Dance with a man and a woman is beautiful and hypnotic to watch. Appealing to all ages, either a show or roving characters

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Air Antics Adagio

Take a trip back to the 1940s with Captain McCloud and his lovely co-pilot Betty Sharp to a time full of risk, danger and swing dancing. This squadron promises to entertain you with a highly energetic, skilful and downright cheeky acrobatic routine. Prepare to be amazed by Betty and the Captain as they perform a series of impressive balances, flips and dance moves with the strength and precision of highly trained aviators. Plenty of bumps, laughs and turbulence!
10 min stage show, dance floor or roving available.
Other themes available: Black Tie Dapper, Carnivale, Tennis players & Commercial Airlines, we can tailor to your event

Hos'e Adagio

This is an international Performer whom has mastered the art of balance! This is an amazing solo act that has great balancing skills. He also adds block break into his show!

Tinkle and Plonk Adagio

Tinkle and Plonk are an acrobatic duo with a fun disposition and a mischievous sense of the inane. Their Strongman Show features The Amazing Captain Plonk keeping his partner The Tantalizing Miss Tinkle at constant arms length above his head while she bends herself into shapes you might believe impossible. Their colourful act can be booked as a stage show or as a roving duo bringing collective shenanigans to your event or function.

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Perfect Wonders Adagio

Three-person hand-to-hand acrobatic balances, dance and improvised movement presented by Perfect Wonder. These physical performers tell the story of three strange businessmen caught in the rat race-which is their world and the adventures which befall them.

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Muscle Bound Adagio

Muscle Bound is an acrobatic duo that exhibits extreme power in a most effortless and graceful way. They will astound you with balance which will seem like magic if it wasn't performed right in front of you. Farhad Ahadi and Shannon McGurgan have a combine experience of 20 years in circus performance.

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Sarah a talented performer from Melbourne doing a handstandSarah a talented performer from Melbourne doing a handstandSarah a talented performer from Melbourne doing a handstandSarah a talented performer from Melbourne on the Aerial hoop

Sarah - Melbourne
Sarah’s skills include Hand Balancing, Adagio, Tight Wire, Aerial Ring and Flying Trapeze. She has recently become a cast member of the world renowned performing arts company Strange Fruit. During her career, Sarah has performed all over Australia, and has toured to places such as Japan, Turkey, Belgium, Paris, and the United Kingdom.

Swing Thing Adagio

SWING THING - Victoria
This 1940's inspired acrobat show is not just circus. It's a tale of comedy, drama, love and broken hearts. Life is a cabaret after all. Be dazzled as the trio balance effortlessly on each other's hands, head and feet. Don't shut your eyes or you might miss the human skipping rope. The act consists of one radically strong man, one handstand expert and a small yet flexible girl.... just imagine the possibilities! Or, just come and see the show!

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