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We can offer you from 1 to 15 aerialists for any event: featuring tissue, cloud swing, hoop, rope, static trapeze or flying trapeze and many more aerial performances we are able to offer you including duo’s! we can also include a qualified rigger for your convenience!

Kathryn performs tissue (aerial silks) and contortion

Kathryn - Aerial and contortion - Victoria
A beautiful bendy and elegant performer, Kathryn’s mix of dance, flexibility and strength will leave you amazed. Kathryn performs tissue (aerial silks) and contortion, she has also trained extensively in ballet and contemporary dance, by utilizing these abilities and aesthetics she creates shows that are beautiful and skillful, Kathryn’s performance style has been described as “compelling” (The Age, June 2009)

Jessica doing her aerial performance

JESSICA - Aerial and Hand Balancing
>Jessica was trained at a young age in dance, gymnastics and eventually landing her in sports acrobatics. Her international acrobatic career has now taken her to flight. Jessica executes an elegant contortion hand-balancing act perched upon three canes, she moves through a series of remarkable, contorted positions. The act can be modified to suit various themes depending on your function or occasion. Her aerial flight, takes her to the skies, to include tissue: solo and duo hoop, trapeze and is probably working on her next apparatus to be able to uplift her....other circus skills, too many to mention! The lady is an all round performer that shows no fear in front of an audience, only delivers her best at every performance.

A graceful dance performed on the aerial ring

ANNABEL - Aerial - Hoop - Contortion
Annabel began her circus career at the age of 12, performing all over the world with the famous Australian youth circus, The Flying Fruit Fly Circus.  Since then Annabel has performed with many circus companies, and as a solo and duo performer in festivals, corporate events, cabarets and burlesque shows. Annabel has performed all over the world, most recently in the UK and Ireland. Annabel is a versatile and experienced performer with a wide variety of skills and styles.

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Chiar aerial performer

CHIARA and KALEB - Aerial
Chiara and Kaleb are both excellent Aerial performers, both are shown in detail on their own page below.

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Aerial Cradle and Static Double Trapeze

Stevee and Bonnie
Aerial Cradle and Static Double Trapeze
Stevee and Bonnie perform a dynamic swinging act on the Aerial Cradle, incorporating graceful swinging sequences with powerful somersaults and release moves, meters above the ground.
In venues with limited rigging options, Stevee and Bonnie perform on the trapeze, with a static doubles act.

Watch Stevee and Bonnie

Kali Aerial performer

Kali ran away to the CIRCUS at 14, joining the FLYING FRUIT FLY CIRCUS and since then has been freelance AERIAL performing around Australia and has featured in Silverchair's filmclip “If you keep losing sleep”. Kali’s main acts are LYRA (spinning hoop), TISSU and ADAGIO. Kali’s TISSU routine involves a series of stunning poses and wraps, contrasted with dramatic drops. LYRA is a spinning AERIAL ACT that can be performed at any height where  Kali moves in and around a hoop in a series of beautiful moves and poses, ending with an electrifying foot twist, where Kali hangs off her foot from the AERIAL RING , sure to delight the audience.

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Tiffany aerial performer

Tiffany competed at the Top National Level of Calisthenics for 15 years, taking out 7 National Titles with her team. She has also participated in Funk, Jazz (competitively), Tap, Ballet and more intensively Rhythmic Gymnastics, culminating in her being asked to represent Victoria. Tiffany also developed experience in Tissu, Static Trapeze, Straps, Bungee, Hula Hoops, Adagio and Fire Poi.

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Aerial ballet aerial performers

This visually captivating aerial ballet performed entirely in a sphere, suspended high above the audience, blends distinctive dance choreography, drama and aerial performance. The artists move with a sensual grace belying their powerful physiques. The act draws on the inter-relationship of the performers and the precarious aerial moves to create a potent sense of drama.

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Aerial act

Jess and Billie - Duo Aerial Hoop
Jessica and Billie have performed their duo-aerial-hoop act at a number of functions and shows. The girls suspended or spinning through the air, display their flexibility and strength while executing a series of simultaneous movements. The apparatus requires a single rigging point.

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lisa blisa B

LISA B - Aerialist
A lover of physicality and performance, Lisa’s artistic roots began with 13 years of Calisthenics. Her early 20’s saw her develop a taste for contemporary movement as she assisted in developing and running Water Carriers Dance Theatre. At 24 she discovered the enchanting and challenging discipline of contemporary circus and her whole world was literally turned upside down.
Lisa completed a Bachelor of Contemporary Circus at The National Institute of Circus Arts in 2007, specializing in German Wheel and Aerial Tissu. Lisa has the reputation of a captivating artist who performs with grace and cunning intelligence. Her movement quality and ability to connect with her audience sets her apart in the industry.

Lisa completed a Bachelor of Contemporary Circus at The National Institute of Circus Arts in 2007, specializing in German Wheel and Aerial Tissu. Lisa has the reputation of a captivating artist who performs with grace and cunning intelligence. Her movement quality and ability to connect with her audience sets her apart in the industry.

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Alex and her Aerial Chair is unique

Alex - Aerial Chair
Aerial Chair is unique. At home in its contemporary environment it is performed with a sense of grace, beauty and a touch of reality. As the chair cascades from the tissue to the ground, the act is transformed into a mesmerizing tissue performance, resolving when both artist and chair once again converge on the ground. If height is limited the Aerial Chair component can be performed solely with a strong impact.
This act can easily be tailored to suit your event from its contemporary form here to burlesque/cabaret and anything in between!

Daniel Power Aerial

A fully professional and incredible performer. An Aerialist that simply takes your breath away. Both featured pictures show him doing his tissue and large hoop. He's also a great Contortionist, gymnast and dancer that can be included in his dramatic shows!

George Filev Aerial

Fully professional local and international act, specializing in the creation of live aerial performances. Acts in repertoire include: tissue, trapeze, web, cloud swing, adagio, bungee, aerial hoop, harness suspension , loop swinging.

R Bar doing a fantastic strength balanve routine

R - BAR - Perform anywhere in the world
The only people in Australia to perform the Russian Bar, a highflying spectacle 3-person act.   The full potential of the bar is discovered as the bases gracefully throw the flyer up to 7m in the air to land balanced perfectly on the bar.  This act is sure to amaze any audience as they watch the trio move in total unison.

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Marawa Aerial actsMarawa Hoop Aerial acts

MARAWA Static trapeze or hoop
Marawa is simply an amazing aerialist featuring static trapeze and hoop she is also a great hula hoop artist and has been featured on channel 7 'who's got talent'! She absolutely runs rings around all the rest

James on Hoop Aerial acts

Hoop like you've never seen before! Spinning hoop is truly spectacular to watch! This amazing artist features some daring and amazing moves. He is able to do hoop up high or hoop near to the ground in order to spin and to display a visually appealing show for all ages. This apparatuses does not require height like all the rest of the aerials, so if you only have 5metres to work with, this is the act for you

DJ straps Aerial acts

Incredible acts to watch, includes 7 meter drops that simply take your breath away. This Act requires a rigging point. For all ages.

Anna Lumb Aerial acts
TRAPEZE - Anna Lumb
A stunning aerial act featuring a solo trapeze artist performing impressive tricks at a height. Audiences will be captivated as Anna spins, flips and flies around the trapeze with inspiring strength and agility. This act is skilful, daring and definitely entertaining. Duo also available

Thomas Worrell doing an aerial routine with a hoop

Thomas Worrell is an extraordinary performer. He has a special gift that includes aerial hoop, contortion and hand balancing. An upcoming and soon to be a truly brilliant performer, both in the air and on the ground he will dazzle you with such amazing movement and such great spark.

Amazing aerial hoop circus act

On a shining, spinning ring watch la Reyna as she executes seamless manoeuvres high above the crowd.  Laura will spiral, contort and balance gracefully into dazzling poses.  Laura is a delightful performer whose unique style of playfulness and fantasy will leave audiences spellbound.

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Sanela is one of the most versatile trapeze artists in Australia

Sanela is one of the most versatile trapeze artists in Australia. With a background in dance, singing, acting and high level Gymnastics; Sanela brings a unique performance to the air. Her experimental approach separates her from most Aerialists, offering never before seen combinations. 

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Sarah a talented performer from Melbourne doing a handstandSarah a talented performer from Melbourne doing a handstandSarah a talented performer from Melbourne doing a handstand Sarah a talented performer from Melbourne on the Aerial hoop

Sarah’s skills include Hand Balancing, Adagio, Tight Wire, Aerial Ring and Flying Trapeze. She has recently become a cast member of the world renowned performing arts company Strange Fruit. During her career, Sarah has performed all over Australia, and has toured to places such as Japan, Turkey, Belgium, Paris, and the United Kingdom.

Luke Ha aerial performer

An experienced performer, mixing together skills from ROPE, TISSUand STRAPS. His gripping performances will wrap around your heart and pull you to the edge of your seat with seemingly impossible wraps, drops and STRENGTH COMBINATIONS, yet making them look so easy… it will make you want to quit your day job.

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