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Break Dancers

BREAK - Break Dancers

Keith started to get an interest in breakdancing when he attended the finals of the X-Games where legendary break dance champions were competing in the finals.
After seeing this he decided that his mission was to become part of this amazing group
From 2000, Keith both learned the craft of breakdancing and also worked with the crew until 2005 where he was inducted as a full member into one of the world's top breakdancing crew.
From there, Keith has also become one of Australia's top experts and teachers in the field of Breakdancing

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Mya belly dancer from Melbourne

Mya - Belly Dancer - Melbourne
>From a Middle Eastern background, Mya has been belly dancing for most of her life. Mya has been teaching her traditional and elegant belly dance style for the past 7 years. Drawing from Egyptian technique, along with Lebanese influences, Mya shares her passion for the history, music and culture of Middle Eastern Dance. As a professional Belly Dancer, Mya is reguarly sought after to perform at restaurants and functions all over Melbourne. She is an energetic performer and is known for her graceful movements and technique. Her performances are complimented by the use of veil, cane and zills, and never fail to leave her audience mesmerised.

Talented pole dancer for your next eventTalented pole dancer for your after hour event

Elena moved to Melbourne from Ukraine just two years ago. She has a background in Figure Skating, Teaching stretch. Elena freelances as a model, does work as an Extra(film / tv), hostessing, and is a qualified Personal Trainer. Elena spends most of her time in the gym, Advanced Stretch classes, teaches Advanced Pole Dancing classes and figure Skating. Elena speaks Russian, Ukrainian and English.

I am a professional Polynesian/Hula Dancer/Choreographer/Tutor with over 15 years experience.

My name is Lesieli or Leikela in Hawaiian. My friends call me "Lei" for short. I am a professional Polynesian/Hula dancer/Choreographer/Tutor with over 15 years experience. I have performed with many Polynesian dance troupes at events ranging from Children's parties,Cultural festivals, Corporate functions, Sporting events and NYE parties. In the past 5 years I have also worked as an Actor on television, commercials, music videos and corporate promotion.

fire dancerfire dancer

Moulin Rouge Fire (Stage show & roving entertainment) - Victoria
Let the windmill wings of the Moulin Rouge embrace you in this fire show with a sexy twist. Zefirah, your femme fatale at the helm steers you through the delights of Parisian Cabaret dance combined with dangerous fire-eating techniques and fire pois (ahem…or “fire whips” if your venues got the space).
This cheeky show is fully clothed with a burlesque feel and Zefirah runs the fire over different parts of her body. Ooh la la. The show includes some audience participation and clients can nominate audience members to receive special attention.

Fandance Dancers

Includes contortion. Comes out of a clam shell at the start of her show. Great fanning & costumes for stage, podium or shows.


Podium or stage: Brazilian - tap - techno - ballroom exotic traditional - Modern burlesque - Go Go, candle, fire or twin boy.

MJ  Dancers

The ultimate dance tribute to Michael Jackson will take you by surprise. An extraordinary floor show which will entertain & thrill you until the end. Precise choreographed routines & authentic replica costumes will make you believe you are watching Jacko himself.

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Brazilian  Dancers

Fully Choreographed Brazilian styled shows - 1 - 10 dancers available. Incredible shows bringing you a taste of Brazil! 20 to 35min shows are available Features: Capoeira, Samba, Forro , Zouk Lambada, Axe, Samba-Reggae and Funk. Freelance dancers, drummers & capoeira dancers available separately!

Brazilian  Dancers

Fully Choreographed Vegas styled shows - 1 - 10 dancers available. Incredible shows bringing you a taste of Brazil! 20 to 45min shows are available Features: Samba, Forro , Zouk Lambada, Axe, Samba-Reggae and Funk.


To title it a 'tribute' is simply not enough..Karolina astounds audiences with the look, sound and floorshow of the Princess of Pop. This pint sized copy has captured the 'essence' that is KYLIE.
Lavish Costumes, Fully choreographed and incorporating some of Australia's leading dancers, it is easy to see why this show is such a big hit with Kylie fans and critics alike!

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Viva Paris DancersViva Paris Dancers

VIVA PARIS -Victoria
Yet another great show to choose from . Featuring a great array of dancing, singing and overall a great story line. Costumes are incredible and show is extremely well done.

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Moulin Rouge Dancers

One of the best stage shows in Oz. illusion & magic feature into this great and colorful show. Filled with dancing, singing and so much more, an amazing show. ! An international act. Entire shows available.

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Viva Las Vegas DancersViva Las Vegas Dancers

Several incredible Cabaret shows to choose from. Includes dancers, magic, costume changes, singing & more. Fully choreographed & directed shows that are absolutely spectacular & full of colour & movement.

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Belly Dancer

Melissa – belly dancer
Exciting modern Lebanese style belly dancer. Dancing professionally in the Middle-eastern communities for many years. A dynamic performer who will immerse your guests in the dramatic rhythms and joie de vivre of Arabic music. Solo, or, accompanied by live Lebanese band.

Belly dancer Azahbelly dancer

Azah Ancient Belly Dance
Belly dance experts Zefirah and Sarah, push the pre-conceived boundaries of Middle Eastern dance into new dimensions. Azah integrates a sense of drama, emotion, texture, line, light and shade into their shows to deepen the audience's experience of Belly dance.
Azah's array of unique props such as head-balancing swords, canes, butterfly flag poi, veils, zills and stage wings; along with their technical skills will shock, delight and capture your guests within an exotic web of awe.

We are an authentic Polynesian dance group

Polynesian dance Troupe
We are an authentic Polynesian dance group . from our traditional costumes ... 'grass' skirts and coconut bras to our island drums & ukuleles . we DO NOT use CDs or plastic skirts, we use a live 6 to 8 piece band, yet our rates are very affordable! Our aim is to promote & maintain the culture, dance & language and instill pride in Polynesian people & share the magic of Polynesia with everyone.

african dancersafrican dancers

Dance Afrika Dance - Victoria
The members include ten male and five female dancers, and five male drummers. They originate from all over Ghana and contribute a variety of techniques, skill and experience in dancing, drumming, fire shows, and theatre. Several members are national or regional champions in their specialties. Others have performed with other leading Ghanaian dance companies.

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Snake Girl  Dancers

Various exotic reptiles available, inc: belly dancing into her act. Roving, shows or podium.- Licensed snake handler.


Aboriginal dancers
Cultural shows consisting of telling stories of dreamtime, artifacts, didge playing, teaching, full dance stories filled with visually appealing shows for adults and children of all ages.

Aboriginal Dancer

Aboriginal cultural shows – Vic
My experience and skills comes from over two decades of sharing the understanding of my traditional and contemporary Koorie and Yolngu stories, music, song and dances through various community ceremonies, schools and festivals throughout Victoria, Australia and internationally.

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