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Agelic mime act

ANGELIC - mime
"Angelic" is a living statue style show, that can be performed as a busking show, a static act, or a walkabout character. Based on the story that once, angels moved freely between the worlds, but now the earth has become too heavy with the residue of people for angels to fly, or even move quickly, and only those like this one, who accidentally fall are found here. But the angel hopes that through making enough people smile and laugh, the world's atmosphere will lighten, and flight will again be possible. Clad in silver costuming and body paint, and wearing 2 metre high wings, the angel character weaves an ethereal magic through the use of mime, stillness, and clowning, incorporating music and props such as glitter and bubbles, with a high degree of audience interaction.

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Snails mime act

"Gastropodia" features two gigantic hairy snails, harnessed and ridden by a pair of imps, who slime their way along streets, malls and parklands. Endowed with the capacity to blow smoke, play music, articulate wildly and leave a watery snail trail, they lumber on by to the amazement of onlookers and passers-by alike, with whom the overtly curious riders delight in playing with. A non verbal, walk around act. 30 min sets, 1 or 2 performers and snails.

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Beasties mime act

"Beasties" Set up in the style of a petting zoo, "Beasties" is an interactive installation of electronically controlled "animals", which combine sound, movement, and other surprises, such as a 'pig' that squirts water, and is overseen by a pair of unusual keepers. Some of the 'animals' are in pens and there to be observed, and some are accessible for the audience to physically interact with. And there's also a large poo that roams around.

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Mime character

"MARQUISA D'OR" Step into another era as this living statue character comes to life in a time out of place. Gracious, flirtatious, and cheeky, the "Marquisa D'or" combines stillness and clowning with 17th century artistry to silently interact with her audience, creating a wake of comic situations as she tries to gain the attentions she thinks she deserves. A static or roving act.

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Cyberboy Cybergirl Mime

Roving Solo, Duo or Trio. Incredible act that can also include cyber kid, a five year old. All act like real robots in amazing silver & black costumes with flashing red lights, silver make-up adds to the illusion. The entire family can deliver a great show or just rove at your event, festival or venue or on podiums.

Masked Marauders mime artists

Masked Marauders - Mime
See them endlessly manipulate and play with magical lights, appear and vanish coins and shower guests with confetti! They stalk, they run, they dance, they bestow fortune scrolls and enchant with traditional magic such as playing cards and silks. They skillfully and mischievously play, smile and interact and are guaranteed to make guests relax and laugh. They have also been used as 'installation pieces' for Gallery openings and exclusive events that require a more refined and stylistic approach. The Masked Marauders are glamorous and funny, mysterious and comic, clever and artful – A perfectly balanced act of interactive and visual roving entertainment.

Stray Cats Mime

1 to 3 roving, act like real tigers, climbing , purring, brush up against you, gymnastic/acrobatic they will climb anything their able to, have cat fights. These lovable felines are also available with their own African drummer, keeper of the tigers so that they won't be led astray. Entertaining to a broad spectrum of audience including children & unique in every way. 'Roving or show'

Shadows Mime

3 artists creating innovative & creative movement in the form of shaped illusion, Mime/shapes of colour twisted in momentum, gymnastics & acrobatics, poses of colour ultimately makes this show truly entertaining to a broad spectrum of audience & unique in every way! They also follow you around & mimic you as shadows do!

Manifesto Mime

An artist of many faces, he infuses mime, magic, masks and dance to tell his story. Great with kids and can do both roving or a show! Ultra violet mime is also his specialty.

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Big Puppets Mime

8ft characters. Amazing as they appear so life like. Also Hand held small puppets. Creative illusion at its very finest. Huge monsters that glow in the dark with parts that move. Snake, bird & many more to choose from. For adults & children of all ages.

Christo Mico Mime

CHRISTO MICO - ground or stilt character
A character based on the fool or court jester, he is excellent at meeting & greeting guests were he will do mime, juggling and imitate people. He also does balloon bending and can even do fire. Has Ultra violet props, great for venues that have UV lighting. Great for any event & for every age.

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Copper Lady Mime

Roving Professional 18th Century copper lady, futuristic space girl, He-bot , gold, silver or bronze trophies. Acting & posing just like the real thing! Living staues. Excellent for any event. For both Adults and Children of all ages . Featuring incredible costumes and truly realistic mime Roving - podium - stage for any occasion.

Living statues Melbourne

Trophies Logos Medals Mime

Roving or standing still - living statues - artists portraying medals in gold, silver or bronze. They can also include a (background Hollywood) sign see prop shown. Mime at its very finest.

Living statues Melbourne

Comedy Mime

Duo Incredible costumes & lots of clowning around & doing incredible mime for all ages and for any event as they entertain the audience without a word.

Living statues Melbourne

Sam MimeCyber Boy MimeSpacegirl Mime

Roving Solo, Duo or Trio. Incredible act that takes you into the future. They all act like real robots in amazing silver and black costumes with flashing lights, silver make-up adds to the illusion. They can rove at any event, festival or venue or on podiums. Great entertainment for any age.

Oria Exodia Mime

ORIA - EXODIA - mime
Oria-Exodia is a living statue; this performance is full of bright Color and happiness. This character interacts with the audience, whether as a still-life act or roving act. Oria-Exodia combining various styles of pantomime and expression and dance to create a colorful and visual atmosphere.

Living statues Melbourne

Gargoyles available for your next event from zoom entertainment

These amazing living statues can add that point of difference to your next event. Our performers add an amount of interaction with your guests depending on your requirements. Very well received by previous events.

Living statues Melbourne

Cyber Dragon Queen Mime

Cyber-Dragon Queen is a fantasy creature, a living statue act she interacts with the flow and mood of the audience, combined with different styles of pantomime and 'silent' expressions, a great visual act.

Living statues Melbourne

Lady SilviaLady Silvia

1800-century white lady in masquerading style, become mesmerized by this amazingly beautiful act. Lady Silvia a living white statue, which interacts with the flow and the mood of the audience. She gracefully dances around in flowing moves, or just stands in one spot, Ground character available or may be featured on podium, dress overflows, creating an illusion of performer being over three meters tall.

Living statues Melbourne


Cyber-Dragon-Queen with Zazoria

A fantasy character; he has a lot of mysticism about him. He has grace, firmness, and strength as well as insight.
One day during his spontaneous travels he stumbles across to the Queen’s palace, knocks on her door and enters unwelcomed to discover the emotionless Queen. He becomes besotted by her presence and decides to try to wake her up. He grinds at her silver metal heart, with sparking flames to wake her lust for life again. She wakes up from her emotionless state and discovers life and beauty yet again.
This dynamic duo can be presented on stage ore as a roving act, with ore with out metal grinding.

Lady SylviaAriana

Ariana, an enigmatic Tudor Lady, mysterious in her ways, she becomes the temptress as she dances with Lady Sylvia.
Innocent meets seduction and dances a spell of love. Be amazed by gentle Lady Sylvia, and mystical Ariana
This spectacular visual show can either be presented as a live show or as a moving roving act

Living statues Melbourne

An enigmatic Tudor Lady that appears as a solo or as a duo act

ARIANA - mime
An enigmatic Tudor Lady that appears as a solo or as a duo act. Costuming and mime is fantastic as so is the performer. Available as a roving, podium or show act.

Living statues Melbourne

Santa Stone Mime and Statues

Santa Stone is a very cheeky character who breaks all the statue rules. Carved from stone slab into shapely cement he’s guaranteed to make your Christmas Party Rock! Not only does he stand silently still ready to surprise and delight… He talks, he walks and fools around. With Santa Stone you can expect the unexpected!

Living statues Melbourne

Albert Stone Mime and statues

Albert Stone is a living statue who delights and intrigues his audiences with shows that include stone props, slow motion, magic and crowd participation.
Albert Stone the stone statue stands beside his plinth, silent & motionless, suddenly he winks.  A cheeky smile appears on his face and then he rocks into action. His mission is to get back on his plinth, so at a snail’s pace his journey begins with many surprises along the way.
Albert Stone is a charming character with a heart of stone and is perfect for functions and festivals anywhere in the world.

Living statues Melbourne

Mr Quirk has delighted audiences around the world

MR QUIRK - mime
Mr Quirk has delighted audiences the world over with his unique style of physical comedy and his minimalist approach to theater. Armed with little more than the expressions in his face, his innate body language, and a few small props - a world where the absurd and the sublime collide, bringing laughter and smiles to all.
A "wordless" comedy which transcends all language barriers!

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