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Most of our Artists also do shows

the news crew to spice up your event

News Crew - Melbourne
News Crew are a comic and interactive duo that impersonate an American News Crew. In the style of reporting television shows such as Entertainment Tonight’, News Crew can turn up to an event with an industry standard camera with lights and a fabulous blonde all American host ‘Stephanie’. Stephanie will interview guests arriving on the red
carpet and the crew can also roam around the room during pre-dinner drinks. The act is based on comedy so your host Stephanie will charm all the girls and all the boys with her flirtatious, adorable, flamboyant and (sometimes) outrageous behavior!

News Crew in action

fire dancerfire dancer

Moulin Rouge Fire (Stage show & roving entertainment) - Victoria
Let the windmill wings of the Moulin Rouge embrace you in this fire show with a sexy twist. Zefirah, your femme fatale at the helm steers you through the delights of Parisian Cabaret dance combined with dangerous fire-eating techniques and fire pois (ahem…or “fire whips” if your venues got the space).
This cheeky show is fully clothed with a burlesque feel and Zefirah runs the fire over different parts of her body. Ooh la la. The show includes some audience participation and clients can nominate audience members to receive special attention.

Anthony is a full time professional magician.

Anthony is a full time professional magician. He is also a youth services trainer & ambassador for youth. He recently was a participant of the “ World’s longest magic show” held at Luna Park with a world breaking 75 continuous hours of nonstop magic fun. WOW! If you are organizing an event and are considering having entertainment look no further. Anthony is available to perform at your, Birthday Celebrations, dinner party, company functions, Bar mitzvahs, Festivals, fetes, school shows, & Kindergartens. Many different shows to choose from created specifically for different audiences and Characters designed for your needs.

Angle Grinding Side Show

Angle Grinding Side Show - Victoria
Angle Grinding creates a huge volley of sparks and light that can be aimed in all directions. Our angle grinding performers wear custom designed costumes with special plates on their arms and crotches.
They grind on these areas - dangerously close to the anatomy - for the audience's pleasure. One of our most popular crowd pleasing antics is where the performers bend over and shoot sparks out of their back-sides. The performers grind in time with the music and get into cheeky character.
Angle grinding is a great podium act, is an integral part of our freak show and makes a great addition to a fire show. Industrial, freak and tradesman/women themes available.

Geisha roving acts

A variety of Professional acts available with many themes such as clown - Dragon - Spider - queen of hearts - 19th century lady - Court jester - Ringmaster - Duo reflective UV costumes etc. May include juggle, flags, glow sticks, whips or magic. jumping stilts are also available.

Ciggie Girls roving acts

Roving Hostesses in corporate costume , to sell your merchandise, or to pass your give aways onto your clients, guests or patrons. Great for any promotion, private or corporate event. They also do a bit of magic and other things to keep all your guests entertained.

Mr Swindle roving acts

A master of card Tricks combining hat manipulation, comedy close up magic. He's ideal for meeting, greeting and roving at any party, event or venue. He is also a professional croupier! Black jack anyone? Great for parties, venues, corporate etc. He can also include balloon bending into his act.

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Micheal Boyd roving acts

One of the best Magician's in Oz. A master illusionist and amazing act. Featuring incredible illusions done by only professional magicians around the world! An international act. Roving or entire show available.

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Tim Ellis roving acts

Twice Australian Champion and Silver Medallist in the World Championships for Close Up Magic. Tim will have your guests interacting and laughing as he mingles over drinks or dinner performing the most astonishing feats of sleight of hand you've ever seen!

Sue Anne Webster roving acts

The only living Australian female magician to earn a place in the recently published 'Dictionary of Magic'. Sue-Anne will enchant your guests and leave them spellbound as she performs dazzling feats that earned her a guest appearance at the World Championships of Magic!

Cath Jamison roving acts

Woman of Deception is Australia's leading female Magician and amongst the top performers of magic internationally. Her unique approach of blending the spectacle of magic with the intimacy of theatre and mixing in humour gives Cath an edge that intrigues and captivates her audiences.

Jeanie roving acts

You're guests dreams come true as Jeanie (aka Sue-Anne Webster) entertains them with her magic. Sue-Anne's tribute to Jeanie is so authentic that they have chosen her at the official Jeanie look alike - the only one in the entire world!

Manifesto roving acts

An artist of many faces, he infuses mime, magic, masks and dance to tell his story. Great with kids and can do both roving or a show! Ultra violet mime is also his specialty.

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A character based on the fool or court jester, he is excellent at meeting and greeting guests were he will do mime, juggling and imitate people. He also does balloon bending and can even do fire. Has Ultra violet props, great for venues that have UV lighting. Great for any event and for every age.

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Chris Crinkle

Balloon bender, juggler, clown, fire artist, magician, crystal ball manipulation. Many different characters and themes to choose from! Great for any event and any age Roving or shows are also available.

Andrew Dyson

Andrew is a Professional circus artist and juggler, specialising in juggling, balancing and prop manipulation. Feature acts include: freestanding ladder / juggling and comedy tennis. Also has an array of different roving characters. As seen on 'Guinness world records', 'Cadbury Schweppes TV Commercial' and Channel Seven's 'Australia's who's got talent'

CM Cowboy

Amazing Performer that can lasso anything including people. He can whip a cigarette out of your mouth as smoking is a health hazard! Adult and kids shows available. Fluoro or fire whips available. Can include, juggling, fire, magic and teaching into his show or roving.

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CybertronicsCyber BoySpace girl

Roving Solo, Duo or Trio. Incredible act that takes you into the future. They all act like real robots in amazing silver and black costumes with flashing lights, silver make-up adds to the illusion. They can rove at any event, festival or venue or on podiums. Great entertainment for any age.

Cybergirl Cyberboy

Roving Solo, Duo or Trio. Incredible act that can also include cyber kid, a five year old. All act like real robots in amazing silver and black costumes with flashing red lights, silver make-up adds to the illusion. The entire family can deliver a great show or just rove at your event, festival or venue or on podiums.


Metallic Silver Full Body Armour. Glow Juggling Equipment: Clubs, Balls and Diabolos. Robotic Voice through in built Speakers, plus LED Light Displays.The Future of Manipulation.

Shadows Mime

3 artists creating innovative and creative movement in the form of shaped illusion, Mime/shapes of colour twisted in momentum, gymnastics and acrobatics. Poses of colour ultimately makes this show truly entertaining to a broad spectrum of audience. Unique in every way! They also follow you around and mimic you as shadows do!

Stray Cats

1 to 3 roving, act like real tigers, climbing , purring, brush up against you, gymnastic/acrobatic they will climb anything their able to, have cat fights. These lovable felines are also available with their own African drummer, keeper of the tigers so that they won't be led astray. Entertaining to a broad spectrum of audience including children. Unique in every way. 'Roving or show'

Tinkle and Plonk

Tinkle and Plonk are an acrobatic duo with a fun disposition and a mischievous sense of the inane. Their Strongman Show features The Amazing Captain Plonk keeping his partner The Tantalizing Miss Tinkle at constant arms length above his head while she bends herself into shapes you might believe impossible. Their colourful act can be booked as a stage show or as a roving duo bringing collective shenanigans to your event or function.

Perfect Wonders

Three-person hand-to-hand acrobatic balances, dance and improvised movement presented by Perfect Wonder. These physical performers tell the story of three strange businessmen caught in the rat race-which is their world and the adventures which befall them.

Swing Thing

This 1940's inspired acrobat show is not just circus. It's a tale of comedy, drama, love and broken hearts. Life is a cabaret after all. Be dazzled as the trio balance effortlessly on each other's hands, head and feet. Don't shut your eyes or you might miss the human skipping rope. The act consists of one radically strong man, one handstand expert and a small yet flexible girl.... just imagine the possibilities! Or, just come and see the show!

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Big Puppets

8ft characters. Amazing as they appear so life like. Also Hand held small puppets. Creative illusion at its very finest. Huge monsters that glow in the dark with parts that move. Snake, bird and many more to choose from. For adults and children of all ages.

Copper Lady

Roving Professional 18th Century copper lady, futuristic space girl, He-bot , gold, silver or bronze trophies. Acting and posing just like the real thing! Excellent for any event. For both Adults and Children of all ages . Featuring incredible costumes and truly realistic mime Roving - podium - stage for any occasion.

Oria Exodia

Oria-Exodia is a living statue; this performance is full of bright Color and happiness. This character interacts with the audience, whether as a still-life act or roving act. Oria-Exodia combining various styles of pantomime and expression and dance to create a colorful and visual atmosphere.

Cyber Dragon Queen

Cyber-Dragon Queen is a fantasy creature, a living statue act she interacts with the flow and mood of the audience, combined with different styles of pantomime and 'silent' expressions, a great visual act.

Lady SilviaLady Silvia

1800-century white lady in masquerading style, become mesmerized by this amazingly beautiful act. Lady Silvia a living white statue, which interacts with the flow and the mood of the audience. She gracefully dances around in flowing moves, or just stands in one spot, Ground character available or may be featured on podium, dress overflows, creating an illusion of performer being over three meters tall.

Cyber-Dragon-Queen with Zazoria

A fantasy character; he has a lot of mysticism about him. He has grace, firmness, and strength as well as insight.
One day during his spontaneous travels he stumbles across to the Queen’s palace, knocks on her door and enters unwelcomed to discover the emotionless Queen. He becomes besotted by her presence and decides to try to wake her up. He grinds at her silver metal heart, with sparking flames to wake her lust for life again. She wakes up from her emotionless state and discovers life and beauty yet again.
This dynamic duo can be presented on stage ore as a roving act, with ore with out metal grinding.

An enigmatic Tudor Lady that appears as a solo or as a duo act

ARIANA - Victoria
An enigmatic Tudor Lady that appears as a solo or as a duo act. Costuming and mime is fantastic as so is the performer. Available as a roving, podium or show act.


These two will get up to anything for a laugh! they do stilt walking, balloon bending, magic, mimic people, acrobatics and are so much fun that clients usually ask them back for another show. They are perfect for any party or event and shall leave your quests in stitches. They come with great costumes and masks and are great to take pictures with.

Red Tape

Is a hilarious and entertaining roving act. Featuring 2 to 3 road workers from the department of stuff, performing elements of circus, clowning and live music. They appear at first to be normal construction workers but wait to see what happens when their is a safety issue! 'They are so funny' (booking agent)


.......has sung on stage with bands, made special appearances at the ballet and The Spiegeltent just to name a few. He`s been spotted at sporting events, Australian TV. Who knows when you're seeing 'the real thing' or a razor-sharp impersonation? As a host or a 'special guest' is a riot at your next dinner or awards night.


With a completely interactive show involving magic tricks, juggling, acrobatics and possibly some tight rope walking, let me lead you on this imaginary journey as I make my world, your world. Shaggles has over ten years experience entertaining all types of audiences from birthdays to Bar Mitzvahs, weddings and even hens nights he can bring some of that extra color to your event.


Invite Patsy to your next function and enjoy the mayhem which unfolds whenever she is around. Absolutely Fabulous roving entertainment!

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Dame Edna

Why not invite The Dame to make your function one to remember! As a roving character, to welcome your guests, start your night rolling, MC or even sing a song or 2! With an impressive list of corporate and private clients, Dame Edna always leaves a lasting impression on your guests.

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Fire dancers and jugglers, poi chains, devil sticks. diabolo's, body transfer and fire manipulation, belly and candle dancing, fire whips, every form of fire act imaginable. Fully choreographed shows or roving are available. Reptiles also available for teaching purposes.

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An incredible fire artist, skilled at every facet of fire artistry. He's also an expert at juggling glow balls and batons and glow-light magic can replace flags, ribbon/twirling in place of fire. Also a skilled stilt-walker and acrobat! Duo are available with matching reflective costumes that come to life under black UV.

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Firework and co

An amazing array of fire and colour that takes you to an incredible show, filled with unique and dangerous acts that will take you to another dimension. Roving is also line

James Loughron: An amazing young performer, an incredible 20 year old that shows no fear. He is also a talented aerialist featuring hoop and Tissue . He can contact juggle, swallow swords, do fire or black UV, contortion and gymnastics. An all round performer.

Swallowing Fluoro swords

Swallowing Real swords

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Fire jugglers

An amazing array of fire and colour - Juggling at its very finest and filled with unique and dangerous juggling that includes fire, fans and fire breathing into a circus filled show - Roving also line

Fire and Contortion

Contortion like you've never seen before! Fire and contortion together to create a combination of moves that are truly incredible to watch! Fire is the element of danger that turns into passion!fire line


Creating custom spectacles centered on the hypnotic, charismatic and striking art of fire dance. Building on traditional martial movements, contemporary dance choreography and gymnastic flairs, artists tailor their talents to the available space with a soundtrack handpicked for audiences demographicfire line

Miss-Hap and Miss-Tique

Miss-Hap and Miss-Tique
Experience the play of two colourful characters, the eccentric flavour of, Miss Haps and her black sensual feline Miss Tique. Miss Hap and Miss Tique combine to bring you a roving performance or stage show that will suit the likes of any event. Their funny and interactive play will melt the heart, so come be apart of their colourful adventure.

The Newly Deads great roving perfomers for your event

The Newly Deads take you into the world of a bride and groom trapped in an eternal time warp. Destined to relive this day in a surreal dream-state, these strange creatures are caught between life and death and past and present. And they’re dancing to a wedding waltz that's slightly out of tune.

Candy canes stiltwakerscandy cane stiltwalkers

Candy Canes
This festive act delivers the “Wow!” factor! At 3.7 meters tall these cheeky, chatty Candy Canes will draw people in to your Christmas event and leave them with a sugar high. Also available without stilts (short and sweet) the Candy Canes can distribute candy as they delight your audience with their antics. The candy-man can!

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