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NEED WE SAY MORE. One of the best contortion we’ve seen worldwide! How fortunate we are to have him Australia.

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This duo is absolutely amazing! They are our top Australian accredited Fina, Olympic and Commonwealth medal holders in duo Synchronized swimming - They swim in perfect sync & look absolutely beautiful in their duo matching costumes. Show is dependant of size & depth of pool.

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R Bar doing a fantastic strength balanve routine

R - BAR - Victoria- Perform anywhere in the world
The only people in Australia to perform the Russian Bar, a highflying spectacle 3-person act.   The full potential of the bar is discovered as the bases gracefully throw the flyer up to 7m in the air to land balanced perfectly on the bar.  This act is sure to amaze any audience as they watch the trio move in total unison.

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Consentino Shows

Incredible production of a new age magic show. His performance is more than just a mere magic show. It`s a dynamic mix of the unexpected, dazzling magic and illusions blended with energetic dance, clever mime, audience participation, humour and many surprising twists of colour.

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Magic 2 are world class magicians and illusionists

One of the best Magician's in Oz. A master illusionist, an amazing show. Featuring incredible props and illusions done by only professional magicians around the world! An international act. Roving or entire show available.

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Russian Bar boys performing Roue-cyr  ( wheel)

Roue-cyr (Wheel); is a simple yet elegant new age piece of circus apparatus. The audience will be mesmerized as the performer effortlessly rolls and spins round the stage in the giant single wheel.

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Risley Divino Shows

Simply amazing human Juggling! We actually mean: one human being juggles the other into summersaults and then catches them again! its fascinating to watch these two extraordinary performers.

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To title it a 'tribute' is simply not enough..Karolina astounds audiences with the look, sound and floorshow of the Princess of Pop. This pint sized copy has captured the 'essence' that is KYLIE.
Lavish Costumes, Fully choreographed and incorporating some of Australia's leading dancers, it is easy to see why this show is such a big hit with Kylie fans and critics alike!

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Hazel Bock ShowsJonathan Freeman Shows

Two top jugglers that give you an incredible show filled with both foot and hand juggling at its finest. They can also do a complete fluoro show with great costumes that glow and also are lit up. These are the top jugglers in australia that will juggle almost anything including tables, batons and even fire torches.

Shaggles Shows

With a completely interactive show involving magic tricks, juggling, acrobatics and possibly some tight rope walking, let me lead you on this imaginary journey as I make my world, your world. Shaggles has over ten years experience entertaining all types of audiences from birthdays to Bar Mitzvahs, weddings and even hens nights he can bring some of that extra color to your event.

Sailor clown character

Sailor clown - Comedy - Performance - Workshops - Melbourne
Amazing minute teaching workshops with crowd participation and many acts.
Chris has an amazing fast teaching ability that can make any child or adult juggle and do other circus tricks within minutes. He is great at crowd interaction an involves the crowd in every show he. Not only is he multi stilled at every facet of circus, yet he can also do fire. This is a well seasoned performer and entertainer for all ages.

Sailor clown and other characters movie-1

Sailor clown and other characters movie-2

Swing Thing Shows

This 1940's inspired acrobat show is not just circus. It's a tale of comedy, drama, love and broken hearts. Life is a cabaret after all. Be dazzled as the trio balance effortlessly on each other's hands, head and feet. Don't shut your eyes or you might miss the human skipping rope. The act consists of one radically strong man, one handstand expert and a small yet flexible girl.... just imagine the possibilities! Or, just come and see the show!

Afro Super Tigers Shows

Amazing combination of energetic adagio, gymnastics& acrobatics, contortion, juggling & balancing bottles & basketballs on sticks! 2 to 5 professional & international performers that do some of the most amazing tricks! Fully choreographed shows or roving especially tailored for your event!

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Cath Jamison Shows

Woman of Deception is Australia's leading female Magician and amongst the top performers of magic internationally. Her unique approach of blending the spectacle of magic with the intimacy of theatre and mixing in humour gives Cath an edge that intrigues and captivates her audiences.

Ellis and Webster ShowsDanger Sue Shows

Australia's favourite magicians. Sensational comedy and magic for adults of all ages. Hilarious 30-40 minute interactive shows featuring levitations, escapes and even Sue-Anne cutting Tim in half with a chainsaw! They each offer solo acts also!

Jeanie Shows

The only living Australian female magician to earn a place in the recently published 'Dictionary of Magic'. Sue-Anne will enchant your guests and leave them spellbound as she performs dazzling feats that earned her a guest appearance at the World Championships of Magic!

Nick Nickolas Shows

A phenomenal sleight of hand artist, interactive comic & compeer. He has been in high demand on the world circuit for years. Always the consummate professional.

CM Cowboy Shows

CM COWBOY - ground or stilt character
Amazing Performer that can lasso anything including people. He can whip a cigarette out of your mouth as smoking is a health hazard! Adult & kids shows available. Fluoro or fire whips available. Can include, juggling, fire, magic & teaching into his show or roving.

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Hazel Bock Shows

She can Juggle tables, batons, rings, balls virtually anything. A Professionally trained performer that can juggle up to 7 balls and that can also include fire or Black UV props that come to life - A great show filled with colour, light and excitement.

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Perfect Wonders Shows

Three-person hand-to-hand acrobatic balances, dance and improvised movement presented by Perfect Wonder. These physical performers tell the story of three strange businessmen caught in the rat race-which is their world and the adventures which befall them.

fire line

Firebreather Shows

Fire dancers & jugglers, poi chains, devil sticks. diabolo's, body transfer & fire manipulation, belly & candle dancing, fire whips, every form of fire act imaginable. Fully choreographed shows or roving are available. Reptiles also available for teaching purposes.

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fire line
Atmosfire Shows

An incredible fire artist, skilled at every facet of fire artistry. He's also an expert at juggling glow balls & batons & glow-light magic can replace flags, ribbon/twirling in place of fire. Also a skilled stilt-walker & acrobat! Duo are available with matching reflective costumes that come to life under black UV.

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fire line

Firework and co Shows

An amazing array of fire & colour that takes you to an incredible show, filled with unique & dangerous acts that will take you to another dimension. Roving is also line

Fire jugglers Shows

An amazing array of fire & colour - Juggling at its very finest and filled with unique & dangerous juggling that includes fire, fans and fire breathing into a circus filled show - Roving also line





Pyroptix Shows

Creating custom spectacles centered on the hypnotic, charismatic and striking art of fire dance. Building on traditional martial movements, contemporary dance choreography and gymnastic flairs, artists tailor their talents to the available space with a soundtrack handpicked for audiences demographicfire line

Flouroessence Shows

Incredible array of light & infusion. Multiple props are used in order to achieve this creative illusion, safe for any venue in place of fire. 2 to 4 artists are available.

Cirque Mistique Shows

2 to 6 performers creating an illusion of different spectrums of light and props are used, safe for any venue in place of fire.

Dancers Shows

Aboriginal dancers
Cultural shows consisting of telling stories of dreamtime, artifacts, didge playing, teaching, full dance stories filled with visually appealing shows for adults and children of all ages.

Aboriginal Dancer

Aboriginal cultural shows – Vic
My experience and skills comes from over two decades of sharing the understanding of my traditional and contemporary Koorie and Yolngu stories, music, song and dances through various community ceremonies, schools and festivals throughout Victoria, Australia and internationally.

Cyber-Dragon-Queen with Zazoria

A fantasy character; he has a lot of mysticism about him. He has grace, firmness, and strength as well as insight.
One day during his spontaneous travels he stumbles across to the Queen’s palace, knocks on her door and enters unwelcomed to discover the emotionless Queen. He becomes besotted by her presence and decides to try to wake her up. He grinds at her silver metal heart, with sparking flames to wake her lust for life again. She wakes up from her emotionless state and discovers life and beauty yet again.
This dynamic duo can be presented on stage ore as a roving act, with ore with out metal grinding.

Lady SylviaAriana

ARIANA with LADY SILVIA - Victoria
Ariana, an enigmatic Tudor Lady, mysterious in her ways, she becomes the temptress as she dances with Lady Sylvia.
Innocent meets seduction and dances a spell of love. Be amazed by gentle Lady Sylvia, and mystical Ariana
This spectacular visual show can either be precented as a live show or as a moving roving act

An enigmatic Tudor Lady that appears as a solo or as a duo act

ARIANA - Victoria
An enigmatic Tudor Lady that appears as a solo or as a duo act. Costuming and mime is fantastic as so is the performer. Available as a roving, podium or show act.

James Loughron Shows

The youngest sword swallower in the southern hemisphere gives you an incredible side show that features: Neon light sword swallowing, an extremely dangerous feat. normal sword swallowing with 3 different sized swords. He is also a human pincushion. Broken glass doesn't even faze this youngster as he shows no fear in all of his amazing stunts that he thrills you with.

Andrew Dyson Shows

Andrew is a Professional circus artist & juggler, specialising in juggling, balancing & prop manipulation. Feature acts include: freestanding ladder / juggling & comedy tennis. Also has an array of different roving characters. As seen on 'Guinness world records', 'Cadbury Schweppes TV Commercial'& Channel seven's 'Australia's who's got talent'.

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Johnathon Freeman Shows

Juggling at its very finest. True perfection styled circus juggling. A professional young artist that has worked with the most elite circuses' around the world including cirque de solei - only expect the very best from this one as he can also include fire into his incredible act. An amazing artist.

Rolla Bolla Shows

This extraordinary feat of balance is a unique act consisting of many balancing tricks within the routine. An amazing act to watch which includes handstands, ring spinning on both hands & foot whilst balancing on one to 5 round cylinders. A very entertaining show for all ages & for any event.

Dirty Brothers Shows

Featuring a fully packed show full of excitement, incredible stunts & sometimes dangerous feats that will absolutely amaze you! This show is jam packed with action & danger yet is backed by an accomplished comedy routine that will leave you in stitches & truly amazing and fun show.

MJ Shows

The ultimate dance tribute to Michael Jackson will take you by surprise. An extraordinary floor show which will entertain & thrill you until the end. Precise choreographed routines & authentic replica costumes will make you believe you are watching Jacko himself.

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Comic Facilitator Shows

Fire-Circus-Magic fused with comedy and audience participation. This show is a comedy juggling and manipulation act, with audience interaction. From hat and cane, to whipping the cigarette out of the mouth and a comedy version of the 100 foot rope escape. Finishing with high impact fire manipulation, Influenced by W.C. Fields and traditional vaudevillian entertainment.

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Viva Paris DancersViva Paris Dancers

VIVA PARIS -Victoria
Yet another great show to choose from . Featuring a great array of dancing, singing and overall a great story line. Costumes are incredible and show is extremely well done.

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Moulin Rouge Dancers

One of the best stage shows in Oz. illusion & magic feature into this great and colorful show. Filled with dancing, singing and so much more, an amazing show. ! An international act. Entire shows available.

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Viva Las Vegas DancersViva Las Vegas Dancers

Several incredible Cabaret shows to choose from. Includes dancers, magic, costume changes, singing & more. Fully choreographed & directed shows that are absolutely spectacular & full of colour & movement.

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the kids love his BMX stunts

Skull—The Aussie Larrikin Bogan
Fair-dinkum typical real Aussie bloke. A crowd favourite, Skull talks the universal language of funny; the kids love his BMX stunts.  The Mums love his muscle hairy legs.  That Dads love talking to a real bloke about power tools and the footy Skull is an extremely watch-able and like-able Aussie Larrikin who is phenomenally good at riding a bicycle.  Perfect for: Roving, Stage Act, Sporting events,Schools and Street Parades.

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