Victorian Street Performers

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Manx Street Performers

The youngest sword swallower in the southern hemisphere gives you an incredible side show that features: Neon light sword swallowing, an extremely dangerous feat. normal sword swallowing with 3 different sized swords also fire. He is also a human pincushion. Broken glass doesn't even faze this youngster as he shows no fear in all of his amazing stunts that he thrills you with.

Nick Nickolas Street Performers

A phenomenal sleight of hand artist, interactive comic and compeer. He has been in high demand on the world circuit for years. Always the consummate professional.

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the kids love his BMX stunts

Skull—The Aussie Larrikin Bogan
Fair-dinkum typical real Aussie bloke. A crowd favourite, Skull talks the universal language of funny; the kids love his BMX stunts.  The Mums love his muscle hairy legs.  That Dads love talking to a real bloke about power tools and the footy Skull is an extremely watch-able and like-able Aussie Larrikin who is phenomenally good at riding a bicycle.  Perfect for: Roving, Stage Act, Sporting events,Schools and Street Parades.

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Manx Street Performers

James Loughron: An amazing young performer, an incredible 20 year old that shows no fear. He is also a talented aerialist featuring hoop & Tissue . He can contact juggle, swallow swords & do fire or black UV, contortion & gymnastics. An all round performer.

Swallowing Fluoro swords

Swallowing Real swords

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Dragon Fire Street Performers

Breath taking fire performance and Spectacular ultra violet dance routines. Dancing, using chains, stave's, and clubs,
Swinging and juggling fire around the body, fire-eating and fire-stroking on the body. Using skills and refined techniques combined with tricks. Each tool sharing its individual role within the show to create a unique dance performance.

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