Soloists and Musicians

Paula is a energeticperformer ideal for all occasions

FARAREE - Victoria

Fararee, over the years has developed a love for a variety of different music genres! Being well traveled, this well seasoned performer carries both a strong vocal and high energy performance singing anything from blues, jazz, swing, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s disco, 90’s, 2000 dance music. She will appeal entertain a variety of audience young or old being such a diverse performer herself.

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Jimy Barnes style of first class performer/ musician

Matt - Victoria
I am a solo act, but its a little different... All of my backings are studio quality, it sounds like a rock band except there is no live drummer to get me *added notes on my equipment below* This also keeps the cost down, allowing me more flexibility.
I have been told by many critics that my backings are the best in the business, and my performances are of the highest standard.
I play all the classic rock stuff that is hugely popular.

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Selena is a talented singer from Melbourne

Selena - Victoria
From her early musical beginnings practicing the piano at Nana Anne’s house to the thoughtful and emotive songs she writes and performs today, Selena’s journey has had one destiny; to write songs, perform live and share these treasures with a global audience, and that she certainly has achieved.

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Soloist  Jazz Band  Cabaret performer

ANDREA – Gold Coast
Andrea has been energizing audiences with her presence & expertise for many years. As Soloist, Jazz Band, Cabaret performer, MC/Host . She can enhance your wedding be a gracious Host, Compeer or MC creating the exact atmosphere needed for the task. Working from the Gold Coast Nationally. Available as a soloist, duo, band or MC

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Brandon Burns musician soloist and actor

BRANDON – soloist – Victoria
Brandon has appeared on countless Australian television programs including Network Ten’s popular rating Neighbours, Blue Heelers, round The Twist and recently ABC’s hit drama Bed Of Roses.  Having recently starred in AFI nominated Australian films Dugong and End of Town, Brandon also has appeared at Crown Casino Melbourne.
He was also one of the original finalists on the inaugural series of Australian Idol, performing alongside Guy Sebastian and Shannon Noll.  Currently in demand across Australia for both wedding and corporate entertainment.

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Gli Amorose Musicians

GLI AMOROSI - Melbourne
Gli Amorosi 'the lovers' is Alys Cordeaux and Jonathan Marshall, a vibrant and fresh duo. Trained as classical singers, they are bringing a unique and exciting sound to the world of contemporary vocal entertainment. Gli Amorose's distinctive fusion of soaring soprano and smooth lyric tenor voices creates an extraordinary and captivating sound that thrills the emotions and touches the soul of audiences everywhere.

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musician entertainer Ms J Sparks

MS J SPARKS - Victoria
Superbly versatile in presentation, each lineup touches on eras of Contemporary, Soul, Jazz, Blues & Pop creating a variety of vibes & rhythms. Perfect for ambient or forefront entertainment at intimate to large scale special or corporate venues & events, Ms J Sparks is now available for local, interstate & international shows..."
SOLO ~ Vocal & Piano/Keyboard
DUO ~ Vocal & Acoustic Guitar
TRIO ~ Vocal, Acoustic/Electric Guitar & Double/Electric Bass QUARTET ~ Vocal, Acoustic/Electric Guitar, Double/Electric Bass & Drums ORIGINAL BAND ~ Vocal, Piano/Keyboard, Acoustic/Electric Guitar & Double/Electric Bass

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Destiny Bands

DESTINY -Victoria
6 - piece cover band playing 50's 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's and 2000 Dance music. Featuring both male and Female lead vocals.

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Jerome Musicians

JEROME SPEILDEWINDE -Victoria and Queensland
1 to 8-piece well-known Singer - Jazz, Blues, Swing & Mo town

Violinist Musicians

Kaitlin French plays the electric violin and is able to play off the cuff to any style of music. She is performing artist in mime, Piano, Voice, Tin Whistle recorder also a Stilt-walking, Juggling, Unicycle, Diablo, Devil sticks, Balance roller-bola, Aerial performances, Acrobatics & Acting.

Sax players Musicians

SAXY BEAT -Victoria
Professional sax players can infuse with any DJ creating new funky Blues & Jazz tunes, blends in with any style music or theme. Tenor/mid & soprano. Featuring Ian Chaplin, Shane Simmonds & Glaxton from Melbourne & timbos from Adelaide.

Big bold and beautiful voices from the most reputable singing institute in Australia

THE CHOIR - Victoria
Big bold and beautiful voices from the most reputable singing institute in Australia. From 8 to 100 they can feature backing tracks, a pianist or a full orchestra, all dependent on clients needs. expect Professionalism at every event whether it be a store opening, promotion or any corporate event. Please book early for Christmas as these performers are very sought after. 

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Ian Chaplin Musicians

A fully Professional sax player that is able to infuse in with any DJ & also use his own original pumping tracks: creating Blues, Jazz, trance & pumping tunes to blend in with a variety of different occasions & venues


CHAPLIN & ALJUS - duo -Victoria
A professional duo able to infuse in with a variety of venues music or feature there own music in order to create a great atmosphere to any event they can also infuse in with your DJ.

Elvis Musicians

All different styles - Bhangra - Latin - African - Cuban - Jazz etc for any event as they will also infuse in with your DJ. We also have drummers from all around the world including Javier Freeds, Elvis Aljus, Tecy, Fallon Williams etc.

Cello Solo

CELLO -Victoria
Being a well presented, highly accomplished solo & chamber music performer & an experienced orchestra player, Jarina has performed on many occasions in Australia & across Europe. She is now available to perform in Melbourne. The rich & diverse tone of a cello and it's closeness to the human voice makes it the finest choice for solo music in weddings & functions.

Didge playing Musicians
The finest didgeridoo playing I've ever heard and seen! both father and son or solo Indigenous Cultural shows are also available consisting of telling stories of dreamtime, artifacts, didge playing, teaching, dancing for both adults and children of all ages. An important part of Australia.

String Quartet Musicians

With inspiring & breathtaking performances the Majore string quartet approaches both the classical and contemporary genre with enthusiasm and great technical skill. Formed in 2007 the Majore string quartet is made up performing professionals with extensive national and international experience

Rojier has been playing instrumental for more than 20 years

Rojier a classical guitarist has been has been playing flamenco and Latin music for more than 20 years. strings guitar accompanied with a keyboard player. A mixture of flamenco Latin mixed with pop and jazz with some Arabic music flavor. relaxing music or dance music, taking you from place to place with my music from Europe to Middle East, from Spain to America. playing Flamenco, Bolero, Rumba, Jazz, Pop, Oldies and Arabic music.

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One Skin is a unique musical group that combines the driving rhythms of live percussion from AfricaOne Skin is a unique musical group that combines the driving rhythms of live percussion from Africa

One Skin World Percussion - Victoria
One Skin is a unique musical group that combines the driving rhythms of live percussion from Africa, Latin America and the Middle East.
One Skins live percussion professionals can be accompanied by African, Middle Eastern and Samba dancers to provide an authentic cultural experience. The combination of ethnic dance and its traditional music transports the audience into the culture and mystique of these art forms. The deep rhythm of the drums awakens the primal instincts within us all and the audience is drawn into the music with bells, calls and chanting to create a positive hive of fun and creativity.
Some of their instruments include: Djembe, Dun Dun, Darabouka, Conga, Talking drum, Tambourines, Shakers.

 Muhanamwe are a traditional West African percussion and dance ensemble

MUHANAMWE - Victoria
Muhanamwe are a traditional West African percussion and dance ensemble available for festivals, corporate events, private functions, workshops, weddings and children's parties. Line-ups include solo up to 6 piece ensemble

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Classical Ensemble suitable for any event

The Emperor Ensemble is one of the most versatile classical ensembles in Sydney, providing the perfect entertainment for your special occasion. The Emperor Ensemble is the perfect choice for an elegant String Quartet for your Wedding Day or special event – but we offer music far beyond the traditional setup as well. From a solo cellist accompanying a small intimate dinner party, to a full chamber orchestra to fill a grand ballroom, we can arrange a wide variety of beautiful musical entertainment to care for your needs.

Fire act with a musical twist

Liquid Flambé - Sydney
Mare a leading violinist and physical performer plays with partner, Nellie a daring circus stuntman & fire performer who also plays violin. They present their beautiful music in various acro balance positions, sometimes on the one violin, and even whilst dancing the Tango!

Liquid flambé comes alive with fire, knife juggling, acro balance, dance, violins, balancing objects, a rose and a bed of nails. All elements are optional. The show is modular, so can be custom-designed to suit your event.

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Ay Karamba The most talented Latin American Duo on the East Coast of Australia

AY KARAMBA - Wollongong
Ay! Karamba have been entertaining and serenading the public for over 2 decades.
With multi-talented skills ranging from romantic fully acoustic table serenades to full orchestral entertainment for any sized function, Ay! Karamba can tailor the perfect package for you.

BOS Musicians

BOS - Adelaide
One of Bos' specialties is performing live alongside DJ's - especially on saxophone - and he has played with and supported many artists including: Stacy Kidd (US), Chuck Love (US) , Richard Earnshaw (UK), Bryan Jones (US), Ricardo Rae (AUS), Jack McCord (AUS/ UK), John Larner (US), Graham Cordery (AUS)....... the list goes on.


A 'La (Trio) - Adelaide
A'la Trio play a mixture of jazz, funk and latin styles and can cater to many different requirements depending on the situation. Whether it's a corporate event, intimate restaurant, lively jazz bar or any other situation that may arise. A'la Trio will always deliver a quality performance .Ensemble line-up: Tim "Bos" O'Brien - saxophones, flute etc. Claudio Villaroel - acoustic and electric guitar. Felicity "Flik" Freeman - acoustic and electric bass.

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