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Angle Grinding Side Show

Angle Grinding Side Show - Victoria
Angle Grinding creates a huge volley of sparks and light that can be aimed in all directions. Our angle grinding performers wear custom designed costumes with special plates on their arms and crotches.
They grind on these areas - dangerously close to the anatomy - for the audience's pleasure. One of our most popular crowd pleasing antics is where the performers bend over and shoot sparks out of their back-sides. The performers grind in time with the music and get into cheeky character.
Angle grinding is a great podium act, is an integral part of our freak show and makes a great addition to a fire show. Industrial, freak and tradesman/women themes available.

James Loughron Side Show Acts

The youngest sword swallower in the southern hemisphere gives you an incredible side show that features: Neon light sword swallowing, an extremely dangerous feat. normal sword swallowing with 3 different sized swords. He is also a human pincushion. Broken glass doesn't even faze this youngster as he shows no fear in all of his amazing stunts that he thrills you with.

Swallowing Fluoro swords

Swallowing Real swords

Little People Side Show ActsArthur Side Show Acts

Short statured people of Character. Both are skilled actors. Rima can belly dance. Arty can portray any character, any theme. Both have many different costumes, many different themes. Arty is also great with kids as he has 2 of his own!

Dirty Brothers Side Show Acts

Featuring a fully packed show full of excitement, incredible stunts & sometimes dangerous feats that will absolutely amaze you! This show is jam packed with action & danger yet is backed by an accomplished comedy routine that will leave you in stitches & truly amazing and fun show.

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