Stilt walkers

Stilt walker Victoria

LITTLE BO PEEP AND THE BEAR- Victoria- Stilt Walkers
Amazing bear that lights up in Technicolor, and bo peep to guide him!
This act is great for all festivals, both for adults and children alike.

Stilt walkers Stilt walkers Stilt walkers Stilt walkers

A variety of Professional acts available with many themes such as clown - Dragon - Spider - queen of hearts - 19th century lady - Court jester - Ringmaster - Geisha girl & boy - Duo reflective UV costumes etc techno boys - cowboys - fairy/s - roo's - showgirls etc. May include juggle, flags, glow stix, whips or magic.

stilt walkers

KING AND QUEEN OF ICELAND - Victoria- Stilt Walkers
These 2 winter event warmers are great for any event, they can be booked as a solo or as a Duo stilts act for roving indoor or outdoors.

android stilt walkers

Gwen the Android & Mad Professor - VICTORIA- Stilt Walkers
Science fiction and Futuristic robots that look and act so real that you would think you were in another world! These robotic creatures on stilts are great for any event! For any age and venue, yet you would require a clearance of 4metres and above as these a very tall robots able to leap and run.

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The Stilt Police

The Stilt Police are available as a solo, duo or trio stilt walking act.
The act was designed as a trio, with a comical hierarchy of character interaction.
The Stilt Police are highly interactive, character comedy. and are visually outstanding and verbally engaging. The comical nature
of the act ensures an enduring experience for those attending the event.
The Stilt Police are vintage police officers. Their frames of reference and terms are
a little out of step with the modern world. This enhances their comedy element.
The use of comedy props further engage audience interaction.
Audiences of all ages love this act.

stilt wakers lions

Ringmaster and Lions on stilts - Victoria- Stilt Walkers
A huge chariot rolls through the crowd, drawn by two gorgeous, comical lions. Riding the chariot towers the 3m tall whip cracking lion tamer. Ringmaster and Lions on stilts are a comedic trio of roving performers who are visually spectacular and engage audiences with their riotous uproar. This act is extremely eye catching. The fun and antics of the performers will have all audiences chuckling for hours afterwards . Each member of this team is an experienced street performer and comedy improviser, with stage and corporate experience. People will flock for photos and stay for the laughs, Ringmaster and Lions on stilts is an act that stands out in a crowd.

Stilt walking elephant

Elephantasy - Victoria- Stilt Walkers
The elephants are mesmerising as they gently wander around on their amazingly long legs, thoroughly investigating the crowd and their surrounds.
Created in the image of Salvador Dali's famous Elephants, these stilt-walking elephants defy their weight on spindly and lengthy legs. Each elephant carries an ancient style obelisk on it's back which gently glows at night. The elephants are instantly recognisable as Dali's creation by those with an interest in Surrealism, but are also loved by children, who love their gentle nature and interactive curiosity.
Elephants are 3.5 meters tall, but can bend to get under 3 meter doors

Gemma Giraffe and Ranger - Victoria- Stilt Walkers
This 5.5 meter beauty is the same height as a real adult giraffe. She glides gracefully and confidently through the world, accompanied by a charismatic comedy ranger, who entertains with everything anyone could ever possibly want to know about giraffes.

With an elegant grace Gemma Giraffe strolls through and above the crowd, drawing the attention of all near and far. Stand far back to fit her in frame for a photo, but come right up close for a chuckle with her ranger. Gemma's ranger has a love and knowledge of giraffe's that will captivate you. For example, did you know that Adult giraffes rarely lay down; they even sleep and give birth standing up.
(Performance area height needs to be a minimum 5.5 meters.)

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Mantis stilt walker performer

Preying Mantis - Victoria- Stilt Walkers
Amazing array of animals and insects on stilts to suit any theme

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Snow Queens stilt walkers

Snow Queens with Wings - victoria- Stilt Walkers
An ethereal vision, the entirely white stilt-walking Snow Queens are
astonishingly eye-catching. Mesmerizing as they float through the
world, they appear to be moments away from taking flight.
Snow Queens virtually glow under lighting.
Snow Queens can perform under 3.5 meter ceilings.
Full height with wings up - 5 meters.

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Gumnut fairies stiltwalkers

Gumnut fairies – Stilt walkers – Melbourne – Victoria- Stilt Walkers
Australian Gumnut Fairies set the mood for Australian themed events, the Festive season, Mid Summer Nights Dream and children’s events. High on stilts the fairies have tea rose pink silk dresses, bright pink wings, crystals and Australian native flowers. In the style reminiscent of the 1940's and children’s fairy stories these characters can offer a beautiful and original theme to your event. They can easily be on the ground if it suits your event more. Characters are cheeky and playful like children as they bless people with love and luck for the coming year, play silly games, chatter and giggle!

stilt walkers

Flowers - Victoria- Stilt Walkers
In a lush, surreal garden the stilt-walking FLOWERS ooze glitter and
cheeky charm. Funny, 'posy' and very chatty, the FLOWERS bring smiles
and giggles to the people.
Beautiful, gorgeous & colourful. Take them anywhere and everywhere!
UV reactive under neon lighting.
Flowers are 3 meters tall.

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butterflies stilt walkers

Butterflies - Victoria- Stilt Walkers
Delicate, shimmering and inspiring the stilt-walking BUTTERFLIES fill
the summer sky with dream-like wings and visions of grandeur. You will
be reaching for your camera when you see the Butterflies floating
above and through the crowd.
UV reactive under neon lighting.
BUTTERFLIES can perform under 3 meter ceilings.
Full height with wings up - 4.5 meters.

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Stilt walkers

Silvers - Victoria- Stilt Walkers
Like stretched, animated mirror balls, the stilt-walking SILVERS are
serpentine, metallic, space-age and feminine. These sensually slinky
characters are sublimely sequined from their pointed alien heads to
their distant toes. An absolute crowd puller.
Incredible under lights, both indoors and out.
SILVERS are 4 meters tall.

stilt walkers

Suns - Victoria- Stilt Walkers
Shining down from above the crowd the stilt-walking Suns bring a
warmth and a glow to the atmosphere. No better way to break the ice.
SUNS can perform under 3 meter ceilings.
Full height with wings up - 4.5 meters.

CM Cowboy Stilt walkers

CM COWBOY Stilt or ground character -Victoria- Stilt Walkers
Amazing Performer that can lasso anything including people. He can whip a cigarette out of your mouth as smoking is a health hazard! Adult and kids shows available. Fluoro or fire whips available. Can include, juggling, fire, magic and teaching into his show or roving.

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Andrew Dyson Stilt walkers

ANDREW -Victoria- Stilt Walkers
Andrew is a Professional circus artist & juggler, specialising in juggling, balancing, stilts and prop manipulation. Feature acts include: free standing ladder / juggling, comedy tennis. Also has an array of different roving characters. As seen on 'Guinness world records', 'Cadbury Schweppes TV Commercial'& Channel seven's 'Australia's who's got talent'.

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Chris stilts Stilt walkers

CHRISTO MICO - Victoria. Stilt or ground character -Victoria
A character on stilts based on the fool or court jester, he is excellent at meeting & greeting guests were he will do mime, juggling and imitate people. He also does balloon bending and can even do fire.This awesome and versatile performer also has a Magic routine to amaze your guests. Great for venues or for any event, any age.

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Chris stilts flags Stilt walkers

TECHNO BOY - Victoria - Stilt Walkers
Juggling and UV Flags at its finest, he can even do fire. Techno boy does great Ultra violet flags & juggling balls and can also come as a Duo with matching costumes, both stilt and ground characters are available. Great for venues that feature UV lighting. Great for any event & for every age.

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Aussie tall stars are great promotion for your next event

AUSSIE TALL STARS - Melbourne- Stilt Walkers
Aussie Tall Stars are giant figures that will roam around your event and interact with the audience. Lots of other characters available. Tennis, cricket, life guards, AFL footballers in your colors,basketball. Athlete etc Fully Sculptured muscular legs with feet and huge muscled torso approx 8' 6" tall. The performers who operate the Aussie Tall Stars are actors and comedians, so as well as looking terrific they are able to engage the audience with their witty repartee and sporting highlights.

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fat stiltwalkersFat Brothers - VictoriaFat Brothers - VictoriaFat Brothers - Victoria

Fat Brothers - Victoria- Stilt Walkers
They’re fun, funny and have enormous potential! The most massive stilt walkers you’ll ever see, watch the audiences flock to them. Choose from their extensive wardrobe which includes: Fat Bunnies, Fat Mr & Mrs Claus, Fat Elves, Fat Chefs, Fat Aussie's, Fat Party Boys, Fat Security Guards, Fat Coaches and more! The young and the young-at-heart will want to be photographed with a Fattie at your event, but they'll need a very wide angled lens!

Candy canes stiltwakerscandy cane stiltwalkers

Candy Canes - Victoria- Stilt Walkers
This festive act delivers the “Wow!” factor! At 3.7 meters tall these cheeky, chatty Candy Canes will draw people in to your Christmas event and leave them with a sugar high. Also available without stilts (short and sweet) the Candy Canes can distribute candy as they delight your audience with their antics. The candy-man can!

Chris is great as a roving, meeting and greeting character

RINGMASTER- Stilt Walkers
either on stilts or as a ground character with or without whips. He can greet your guests or become the ringmaster to take you into the show, he can also be a ground character and do magic, juggle or do UV flags! everybody needs a ringmaster

Geisha girls Stilt walkers

GEISHA GIRL & BOY DUO - Victoria- Stilt Walkers
A Lovely and humble act featuring true make-up and wonderful professional costuming to create a duo worthy of any wedding or corporate event. Great for and festival or even to represent Japan in a very honorable way.

Mandy stilts

MERMA - Victoria- Stilt Walkers
An amazing stilt walker that is also great at interacting with any and every audience. featuring great makeup and costuming she can rove almost anywhere as long as you have the height.

stilt walker from victoria

Amelia - Healesville - Victoria - Stilt Walkers
Amelia the Magnificent: A Dance Hall Dame who performs with Passion and Panache. A very Stylish Gal indeed, reaching over 2.5m in height with every millimeter radiating Fun, Flair and Finesse!

Fairground Femmes Stilt walkers

FAIRGROUND FEMMES - Sydney - Stilt Walkers
Good girls to heaven, Outrageous girls go everywhere... Anywhere and everywhere, these characters will find their place.
Designed to enjoy life and share their love of it with their audience, they are bright, bold and courageously fun!
Can make Balloon animals and other funny objects on request.

Stilt walkers

SHOWGIRLS - Stilt/Ground Characters - Sydney- Stilt Walkers
Extravagant and very beautiful, these elegant Style Showgirls will shake your audience into sheer amazement. Dripping in beads and sequins, these characters radiate a feeling of celebrating in class, while shaking their tail feathers to the sound of the groove. Perfect Ground Characters for award presentations. Can come masked on request.

Roo'd Stilt walkers

Kangaroos on Stilts - Sydney- Stilt Walkers
Kangaroos on amazing bouncing stilts. Jumping up to a metre off the ground and 2 metres in a bound, they are a phenomenal sight. Their characters are a crossover of outback macho and inner city punk savvy. Voted 2nd best act at the 2002 Glastonbury Festival on BBC Radio 1 Listeners Poll.

Snow Queens Stilt walkers

SNOWQUEENS - Sydney- Stilt Walkers
Majestic, Magnificent, and Regal ! These Satin gowned beauties come bejeweled with a mosaic of mirrors, adorned with sequined crowns and trimmings of white fur reminiscent of an icy place. Telling tales Iceland, their home town, they bring wands for blessings, Confetti for celebration, and a towering presence of 3 metres above the ground.

Ali Baba Stilt walkers

ALI BABA - Sydney- Stilt Walkers
For a total Cultural experience Ali and Baba will work your audience over! Having worked extensively in Dubai, the Middle East, these characters are comically authentic and very off the wall!

Fluro Dollies Stilt walkers

FLUORO DOLLIES - Sydney- Stilt Walkers
Bright, Bold and Beautiful! The Fluoro Dollies create fun for the whole family! With their electric yellow and pink coloring, these walking, talking living Dolls are a sight for sore eyes...and can be seen from miles away. Great for Circus Themes, Kid's Events and Ultra Violet Light Performances.

Baroque Princess Stilt walkers

BAROQUE PRINCESS - Sydney - Stilt Walkers
Elegantly adorned with Chiffon and Bellowing Bustled materials, Reminiscent of Marie Antoinette, the Baroque Princess towers 9 ft in the air. Her Stylish and traditional hair holding a remarkable poise and gently falling over her draped shoulders. Mesmerizing audiences from Corporate to public events with her stunning turns and air of historic grace people of all ages will be transported to another time and place.

Slick Chicks Stilt walkers

SLICK CHICKS - Sydney - Stilt Walkers
Chicks on Sticks, Chicks with style, Chicks with attitude. These Chicks have the groove! Slick and slinky, watch these glamorous characters lift and transform the vibe of any event. With Sassy Dance moves and the gift of the gab, these blue babes are living life to the fullest! The Slick Chicks can adapt into Crazy Circus chicks, usher style characters, space babes, or even cheer leaders

Angelic Fairy Stilt walkers

ANGELIC FAIRY - Sydney - Stilt Walkers
Stilt/Ground Character/ Human Statue
Bringing blessings of joy and good Fortune, these angelic characters carry an air of beauty and mystique. Transforming into a Stilt Characters, Ground Characters or Gold Human Statues, these angelic cupids (2 available) will fit in with all ages and events. If your event requires a touch of elegance and grace (and possibly a bit of cheekiness), you have found what you are looking for.

Cyber pet and Queen Stilt walkers

CYBER QUEEN and PET - Sydney - Stilt Walkers
The extravagant Cyber Queen and her 4 Legged Cyber Pet are fresh to earth and on the look out for new participants for their Cyber Circus. Adorned with flashing lights and reflective material they will add an intergalactic spectacle to any event. Saucy and Stylish, Fun and Cheeky, these characters will rove, dance, spin, and test the funkiness of any crowd!

Cyber Cop Stilt walkers

CYBER FUNK COPS - Sydney- Stilt Walkers
These interactive Cyber Funk Cops (on stilts or as floor characters) will keep your audience sharp and on the beat! Intrigued by their arrival in a new land, their quirky space talk and far out commentary will humour the most serious of audiences.

Comedy stiltwalking performers

TREBLE CLEF - Wollongong- Stilt Walkers
Clef, Clef and Clef have formed a jazz band. Without the ability to play an instrument to save themselves, they will leave the audience as confused as they are.

A beautiful stilt (or ground) character especially for any event and even during holidays.

THE SUGAR PLUM FAIRY - Sydney- Stilt Walkers
A beautiful stilt (or ground) character especially for any event and even during holidays. She adds a special touch of glitter and magic to any Christmas tree, even helping Santa to find his way and reminding children to be good.

Stilt walkers from SydneyStilt walkers from Sydney

Lord Lupin and Lady Daffodil - NSW- Stilt Walkers
Lord Lupin, is a somewhat carefree character relentlessly haggle by his haute wife, Lady Daffodil. Of completely opposite temperaments, these two characters maintain a running banter based around The Lord Lupin’s generous nature and overwhelming social promiscuity, whilst his prim and proper Lady Wife, is all about protocol. Comic clowning at high altitudes, this high-class Dandy and “Dandette”, own every event, you, are their guests.

Fabulous stiltwalker dressed as an insect

Deirdree the Giant Dragon fly - Sydney - Stilt Walkers
A stilt or ground character. That is trying to find a new home. A unique species from the Blue Mountains that is on the verge of extinction. Beautiful, and bound to tickle you with her antennae. Known for promoting bio – diversity, and environmental themes.

Dawn on stilts doing her stiltwalking act

WINGS - Perth - Stilt Walkers
Dancing with pretty ballet movements, displaying high skills of high kicks and pirouettes, she is sure to amaze and mesmerise. She can be cheeky too- showing off her fluffy tutu bottom, and mingling with the crowd.
A range of characters are available for walkabout acts (and stage shows on demand). All characters display highly skilled movements such as jumping, spinning, high kicks and dancing. New characters can be created for events.

beautiful stilt walking costume

Angel of Lights - WA - Stilt Walkers
This beautiful stilt walking costume brings gasps of awe. Angel of Lights is a truly beautiful addition to your Christmas Parade, as a 'meet and greet' or 'walkabout' character at your event. Truly beautiful.

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An energetic stilt walking character
Fruitloopy - WA - Stilt Walkers
An energetic stilt walking character, Clown Fruitloopy is full of energy and silliness. A fabulous 'meet and greet' or 'walkabout' performance.

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stilt walker chicks on sticksFemale Scottish Stilt walkerFemale Scottish Stilt walkerFemale Scottish Stilt walker

CHICKS ON STICKS – Adelaide - Stilt Walkers
Female Scottish Stilt walker performing walkabout, crowd interaction, crowd giveaways, dancing. Many different themes and characters to choose from!

chefs on stiltsstilt walkers

Chefs on stilts - SA - Stilt Walkers
Scott and partner are not only great stilt walkers but they also do fire, juggling, unicycle and are fully fledged circus performers! Multi skilled talent with multi facet entertainment to suit every need. Available as a solo or duo.

colourful stilt walkers

Stilt walkers - SA - Stilt Walkers
A variety of different characters and themed Stilt walkers for any occasion! some also do fire and juggling and are great for promotions, festivals, openings and for any indoor or outdoor event!

Giant Roving Puppets

Giant Roving Puppets – Adelaide - Stilt Walkers
These hugely successful 4-5 metre high puppets are in frequent demand as their sheer size and bright design is a great feature at any event. They interact with the crowd, chatting and bending down to meet new friends.
These puppets have toured twice to Europe, as well as Singapore, Japan and all over Australia.

stilt walkers with origami

Origami – Adelaide - Stilt Walkers
Beautifully sculptured abstract creatures these characters take the imagination on a more gentle ride. 3 beautiful designs inspired by the art of Origami - two for stilts are a flamingo and a dinosaur - one for high unicycle or lower stilts is an amazing pterodactyl with a 3 metre wing span!- Origami combine physical skill with artistic wonder. Origami are 4-6metres in height.

Funtastic Stilt walkers

MR AND MR FUNTASTIC - Gold Coast - Stilt Walkers
These cartoon like stilt walkers are larger than life. With there perfect hair, big grins and super hero like attitudes These stilt characters always leave a trail of smiling faces behind them.

Marionette Stilt walkers

PUPPET ON A STRING (marionette) - Gold Coast - Stilt Walkers
Watch as this skilful puppeteer manipulates his marionette bringing her to life as she dances a beautiful ballet with grace and poise. This act always draws a crowd and intrigues the mind of young and old.

Life Guards Stilt walkers

SURFS UP (life guards) - Gold Coast - Stilt Walkers
Not only great for themed events such as Australia day or beach party theme these characters have been a hit at all kinds of functions from computer conventions to festivals. A great way to lead guests to dinner or their next event. These fun and friendly life guards haven't lost anyone yet.

Tall Order Chefs Stilt walkers

TALL ORDER CHEFS - Gold Coast - Stilt Walkers
The chefs are out for high tea, this duo always cook up a storm at 7'6" they can fit into any venue. Their great for food and wine festivals themed nights, banquet's and barbecues.

Aura Aurora Stilt walkers

AURA AURORA - Gold Coast - Stilt Walkers
These luminous stilt characters are perfect for night functions / corporate entertainment, Silent yet interactive they are always well received at meet and greet or as a back drop at any function. Excellent, atmospheric costumes.

Druid Stilt walkers

THE DRUID - Gold Coast - Stilt Walkers
Great for themed nights or spook nights this mystic character stands at 7' 6" tall which means he can fit into any venue.

Mr Moody

Mr Moody Brisbane - Stilt Walkers
Having just arrived to earth from another planet, Mr Moody walks on by in original slow motion and it is sure that he still has a long journey ahead. His approach is friendly and prudent, but he surely is curious. Suddenly he freezes to a halt, and tracking his fancy he proceeds in a stunning slow motion whilst changing to extreme movement. At times audiences will discover that in a mysterious way, the faceless Mr Moody is curiously watching them - attempting to understand how they function. Visually Stunning and Beautifully Naive, Mr Moody is perfect for Casinos, Night Clubs, Festivals, Corporate Events, Shopping Centres, Product Launches and much much more!

Twisted Hatter Stiltwalker

Twisted Hatter - Brisbane - Stilt Walkers
Twisted Hatter is the life of the party! Dressed in a pink/purple flamed flamboyant fantasy lyric suit with matching Top Hat, Twisted Hatter can burn up any dance floor! With his alluring array of dance moves, physical comedy and an inexhaustible & mischievous sense of humour, this character brings out the outrageous in people. He is Funky! He is Sexy! He is Fluro! Twisted Hatter is a unique Stilt Roaming Character perfect for Night Clubs, Casino’s, Cruise Ships, Festivals, Corporate Events, Parades, Shopping Centres, Product Launches, Theme Parks and many other special events.

Ente stiltwalker

ENTE’ -Brisbane - Stilt Walkers
Gracefully arising above the ground, the public looks astonished when this Black & Red, long legged creature flutters along, seducing and persuading its audience with delight. As this majestic creature strides through the crowd using its unusual shaped head to look serenely around all are left in cheer admiration and wonder. ENTE represents the dark side in all of us and is perfect for Night Clubs, Casino’s, Cruise Ships, Festivals, Corporate Events, Parades, Shopping Centres, Product Launches and many other special events.

These out of this world characters in striking block red and over two and half metres tall perform

RED RIBBON - Brisbane - Stilt Walkers
These out of this world characters in striking block red and over two and half metres tall perform an extraordinary dance of fast paced ribbon twirling. With an energy that shows up all but the most vital of ground based dance styles, this act is particularly suited to parades and events with a live music component. Give them a beat, and these guys will just go off!


BLAX - Brisbane - Stilt Walkers
Strangers in a strange land, stalking and creeping on their long insect like legs. Where are they from? Why are they here? Beautiful and intriguing, they communicate with a haunting language of gaunt postures, spindly shapes and piercing gazes. Searching, enquiring - seeking the familiar in an unfamiliar landscape.

Lip service stilt walkers

LIP SERVICE - Brisbane - Stilt Walkers
Under those demure veiled faces lies a mischievous sense of humour. A cheekiness that is reflected in Lip Service’s costuming, movement and style, as well as in their interactions with their audience.
These girls are not just a pretty sight. Take a breath, reach deep into the mouth of their proffered handbag, choose a card and read your ‘thought for the day’!

Jack and Jack stilt walkers

JACK & JACK - Brisbane - Stilt Walkers
Goofy mischief-makers, energetic, colourful and out for a good time. Always the innocent bystanders (not!) – playing pranks and looking for playmates, Jack’n’Jack are definitely fun filled and dynamic.
Up-end your expectations!

Mamselle Claire stilt walker Brisbane

MAAMSELLE CLAIR - Brisbane - Stilt Walkers
Effervescent, exquisite, Ma’mselle Claire steps lightly with beauty and grace. Enveloped in her cloud of bubbles Ma’amselle Claire leaves a trail of enraptured, smiling faces.
Watch the bubbles burst their surprises in the sunshine or notice the magic of floating balls in the half light of evening.

Princess Penelope stilt walker

Milana - Brisbane - Stilt Walkers
Milana is a top performer, featuring great costumes and many characters such as stilt walking or a fairy! All costuming can be used for both stilts and ground characters.

Stilts on Fire

STILTS ABLAZE ( STILTS ON FIRE) - Gold Coast - Stilt Walkers
Want to wow your guest upon arrival why not turn up the heat and use stilt walkers with fire blasters. A great way to start or finish any line separator

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