Paula Fararee, Director ZOOM Entertainment

Director Paula fararee, coming from a Performance background herself had facilitated every aspect of the entertainment industry, including music, film, studio, TV and Live performances for most of her life! Zoom entertainment agency was ultimately her next endeavour. Formed in 2002 upon a venue, “well knowing of Paula’s talents” asked her to locate a performer, so she did! This then gave her a residency, on a weekly basis that lasted for over 5 years. Not having a website, we traded on recommendations, word of mouth basis, our agency was small yet we were able to still offer the best performers and solutions for venues and clients, yet we were growing and had to move on.

Paula and Pete/ Web Designer
In 2008 we appointed a web designer by the name of Pete; he created our Australian Entertainment site and our new International Entertainment site and maintains the site on a regular basis, he also is in charge of all uploads and advertising. Since Pete has come on board, zoom entertainment agency has grown to become a vast Australian and worldwide agency that feature some of the best performers from all around the world! Having performers in every state in Australia and in every country around the world, thus have been able to open our doors to our performers and to the world!  Thanks to Pete, the rest is history.

Office 03 9754 3382........ mobile 0422 176 400