Make your event spectacular, whether it is a Corporate, Family, Private, or Themed. Roving Characters and Stage Shows will make your event unforgettable. Prepare to be amazed with magic, mesmorised by fire, and captivated by circus stunts.
Chris has been performing since 1994, from solo to up to massive cast for  huge and intimate events. All events are covered for Public Liability and Indemnity insurance.

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CM Lasso

Stilt Characters
Cowboy / Jester / Pirate / Ringmaster / Dancer
Manifesto and friends can dance on 3 foot stilts at masquerades and formal ballrooms. A giant ringmaster has performed in many night clubs, parades and festivals. Specific themed characters for your event can be arranged: cowboys, reflective jugglers, jumping jesters, cowboys, pirate’s. 

Combining hat manipulation with comedy close up magic, he is ideal for roving through cocktail and dinner parties. Stilt Characters have appeared at many restaurants, Children’s birthdays and corporate events

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C. M. Cowboy

This character is master of lasso and whip cracking, from cutting cigarettes out of someone’s mouth, to twin stock whips, a very visual and loud act that on cabaret and corporate stages as well as western themed events. A variation of the act can be performed with Fire Whips. C.M. Cowboy can be 10 foot tall on stilts, roving through crowds or meeting and greeting guests at family, private, and themed events.

Sailor clown character

Sailor clown - Comedy - Performance - Workshops - Melbourne
Amazing minute teaching workshops with crowd participation and many acts.
Chris has an amazing fast teaching ability that can make any child or adult juggle and do other circus tricks within minutes. He is great at crowd interaction an involves the crowd in every show he. Not only is he multi stilled at every facet of circus, yet he can also do fire. This is a well seasoned performer and entertainer for all ages.

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Comic Facilitator

Comic Facilitator
This show is a comedy juggling and manipulation act, with audience interaction. From hat and cane, to whipping the cigarette out of the mouth, and a comedy version of the 100 foot rope escape. Finishing with high impact fire manipulation, Influenced by W.C. Fields and traditional vaudevillian entertainment.

This 20 minute show is ideal for Cabaret shows and after dinner spots at corporate and private events. The show can be divided into 4 X 5 minute spots as variety acts throughout larger shows. In this case other juggling props such as: shaker cups, clubs, balls, and up to 3 hats can be introduced

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Christo Mico
Christo Mico is a character based on the Harlequin personality from the Commedia Dell’arte or fool / court jester. He is excellent at meeting and greeting guests, mime, juggling, imitating people and bending balloons. He can also be a 10 foot tall jumping Jester.
Meeting and Greeting Guests, pre – show, and roving through guests is sure to make your event colorful and exciting. Christo has appeared at many events from festivals, corporate, carnival, circus and masquerade themed events.

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Chris doing an Adagio Act

Chris doing an Adagio ActChris doing an Adagio ActChris doing an Adagio Act

Duo Adage 

Acrobatic Dance with a man and a woman is beautiful and hypnotic to watch. Appealing to all ages, either a show or roving characters


World Class Fire Manipulation
Prepare to be mesmerized by fire and captivated by the magical illusions of an Atmosfire Show this has to be seen to be believed.  The show begins with slow hypnotic movements and builds to a spectacular fiery finale. The components of the show are by fusing martial arts, dance, circus stunts, and themed costumes.
Any event:  corporate, private, themed & family.  A stage show can be produced, or improvised characters from solo or up to 10 artists.
Over 500 professional shows in the last 3 years, all shows are covered by Public Liability & Indemnity Insurance. Safety is the priority with and Chris and his team have preformed in many exclusive events and venues.

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cm fire ropes

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