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FIRE DRAGON DANCE produces stage spectaculars, roving entertainment and theatrical pyrotechnic displays & effects for all types of private, corporate and public functions and major events.


stunning fire effects

For the past decade, Pirorhythmic has continued to wow crowds all over Australia, and despite imitators, still sets the benchmark for this form of show. 
Available as a 6, 7 or 8 piece show, Pirorhythmic is packed with a range of stunning fire effects. Pyrotechnic effects and displays can also be added that are fully designed and produced in-house for a show that packs a real punch.

One Skins live percussion professionals

One Skin World Percussion
One Skins live percussion professionals can be accompanied by African, Middle Eastern and Samba dancers to provide an authentic cultural experience. The combination of ethnic dance and its traditional music transports the audience into the culture and mystique of these art forms. The deep rhythm of the drums awakens the primal instincts within us all and the audience is drawn into the music with bells, calls and chanting to create a positive hive of fun and creativity.

fire storm of swirling flames

Erebus welcomes you with fiery fun and games before launching into a fire storm of swirling flames and radiant fire balls. In keeping with the temperature on stage, Erebus is choreographed to a scorching soundtrack that fused together, produces the ultimate fire experience.
Erebus is available as a 3, 4 or 5 piece show with a range of stunning fire effects. Pyrotechnic effects and displays can also be added to Erebus that are fully designed and produced in-house for a show like no other.

Moulin Rouge Fire

If this show was a pizza, you could say it has 'The Lot'. It's available as a solo or duo show and you get the fire breathing and fire eating combined with fire dance all in the one package. FIREWORKS and CO play, lick, eat and co-noodle with the fire to execute seemingly impossible feats. They get the audience involved while they dare each other to perform more and more dangerous stunts. The audience's reaction to these real-life human dragons is as spectacular as the stunts themselves!


Moulin Rouge Fire Moulin Rouge Fire

Moulin Rouge Fire
Let the windmill wings of the Moulin Rouge embrace you in this fire show with a sexy twist. Zefirah, your femme fatale at the helm steers you through the delights of Parisian Cabaret dance combined with dangerous fire-eating techniques and fire poi's (ahem…or “fire whips” if your venues got the space).
This cheeky show is fully clothed with a burlesque feel and Zefirah runs the fire over different parts of her body. Ooh la la. The show includes some audience participation and clients can nominate audience members to receive special attention.

stunning fire effects

Zefirah Fire Belly
Highly detailed costuming and exotic make up designs are combined with stunning visual effects such as Fire fans, Fire swords, Fire cauldron and ‘Palms of fire’ for a Belly dance experience like no other. The mix of traditional and modern is also reflected in the musical accompaniment with either contemporary Arabic tracks or live Arabic percussion. This show is virtually unique and has proven to be an audience favourite over many years for obvious reasons….be it the shimmy or the sizzle.

twisted twins contortionist

The Twisted Twins can fit seamlessly into different event themes and can also provide staging and props for that special finishing touch. Both hatching from the famous Fruit Fly Circus, the Twisted Twins combine their contortion skills with adagio and modern contemporary dance and have become famous for their Chinese Candle Dance routine. Along with contortion, the Twisted Twins also specialize in aerial acrobatics where their extraordinary, bendy skills are really on full display.

Angle grinding performer fire act

Angle Grinding Side Show
Angle Grinding creates a huge volley of sparks and light that can be aimed in all directions. Our angle grinding performers wear custom designed costumes with special plates on their arms and crotches.


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