Most people who wear glasses can agree with me that sometimes, glasses can be expensive. For instance if you keep on changing your prescription, this means that you are required to change glasses yearly. Sometimes, these glasses can be broken and they may need replacement. As the glass wearer, you need to know about the best way to reglaze glasses so as you can save as much as possible. If you are currently satisfied with the frames of your glasses, this means that they are still looking as beautiful as they were when you first saw them. May be what needs the replacement is only the glasses. By reglazing your glasses, you will have the lenses changed professionally, get them tested by experts according to your prescription and the whole process can save you a lot of money.


If you want to reglaze spectacles, you are supposed to follow some steps: go on the website of the selectspecs, select the frame options. Depending on the type of the frame, the price may differ. This stage is very crucial because you will have to determine at this point on which type of lenses you need. For those who are trying to reglaze the reading glasses, you must communicate at this point. If you want to choose a single or verifocal vision, it is supposed to be made clear here. The second stage is the provision of the prescription details. At this point you will be required to provide the prescription details for your eyes. After you have submitted your details pertaining to the prescription, you are therefore asked to choose your preferred lenses. Here you have the option to choose between the tints and the coatings. The choice is all yours.

The next stage to complete the process to reglaze specs is the payment and postage. Once you make the payment to these glass experts, you can now comfortably send your frames to their offices together with the details about your order. This is to make sure that there is no confusion and every reglazed glasses fall on the rightful owner. It is recommended that you send the frame with your signature so that incase of any loss, you will be able to be compensated by claiming your money back.

Once the frames are received, they are fitted with the lenses after a thorough checking; they are sent back to you as soon as possible through a licensed courier service. The whole process aimed to reglaze bifocals would come to an end the moment you receive your glasses in a better form than they were before. It is important to emphasize that since this process is carried out online, provision of accurate data is significant. Any slight error can lead to the nullification of the whole process. Many people have opted to reglaze glasses as opposed to buying new ones. They have realized that reglazing is much cheaper than buying new glasses. If you have broken yours, just contact these reglazing experts.


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