Here in this article we are going to focus on the pilot light of hot water cylinder NZ. If your hot water cylinder Auckland has stopped working all of a sudden, then it might be an indication that its pilot light is facing some trouble. Pilot light ignites the gas burner in the hot water cylinder Auckland. If it is the issue with the pilot light in the hot water cylinder Auckland then have you tried re-igniting it? You should do it as per the instructions on the water heater label. In case the pilot light continues to experience trouble inside hot water cylinder NZ, then it is time for you to check on some potential problems in it.


Damaged thermocouple

  • When there is heat from the pilot, the thermocouple makes sure that the gas is reached the burner.
  • In case it detects a pilot which is unlit, then it will turn off the gas. It is designed this way as a safety measure.
  • Another possibility that you need to consider is that the thermocouple may refuse to work in case it is damages, bent or dirty inside hot water cylinder NZ.

Dealing with it

Let’s try to deal with this problem. You can actually clean the grime and dirt with the help of a sandpaper piece. In case the thermocouple has been bent then you can bend it to the previous position. It must be close enough to the flame for that matter. As for the color of the pilot light, it is supposed to be blue. If you don’t see a clear sign of bending or dirt accumulation, then it is the case of the device being simply broken. In that case you must replace it. You can check it with the help of a multimeter, which can be used to test the voltage that comes from the device. As far as the replacement of damages thermocouples is concerned, there is nothing complicated about it. It is an easy process. We are going to look into that next.

  • You must first turn off the gas valve.
  • In the next step, you must remove the screws and nuts from the pilot lines, thermocouple and the gas.
  • In the next step, you need to consider the shutoff valve. It’s time to turn it off.
  • You need to remove the pilot light burner assembly and gas control next. Make sure that you do it with lot of care.
  • In the next and most important step, you will remove the thermocouple. You will pull out thermocouple from the bracket.
  • After that, you need to install the new thermocouple. However, you should ensure that you have bought a new one which of same length, size and type. This is very important.
  • Next up you need to refit the burner assembly. Then you need to attach this to the control valve.
  • Then go through the instructions before you relight the pilot.
  • You need to refit access cover and reset the gas control.

This way, you can fix the issues associated with the pilot light of your hot water cylinder NZ.


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