Are you soon expecting a tiny little addition to the family? Then surely you would want to capture the early looks of your prince or princess. That cute smile or sleepy poses are something that you would like to cherish and would want to look at even years after your Prince or Princess is all grown up. To be able to capture the right kind of pictures of your sweetheart, you should first choose the right kind of style you want for your Hunter Valley photography. Different photographers use different styles of Hunter Valley photography, and you should choose the one that you feel suits you and your family. Here we have given you some tips on how you should go about this whole process. We hope this helps you –

  • When you have a look at the photographer’s website, you should first ask yourself some vital questions – in maybe a decade from now, do you think you would still love this picture, or do you think this would look outdated or you might just wonder what was I thinking. Basically, what you should be doing is selecting a style or something that you think would be timeless and you would continue to be in love with all your life. Something that you would cherish and would feel proud to show your kid when they’re all grown.
  • Also, after all the singles of your cutie, you need to decide how you want to be photographed. You and your partner also need to be a part of the photographs. After all, you are a family! Newborn photography in Hunter Valley needs to be about the parents too and should be able to show the bond and love you all share.
  • Once you have shortlisted on the kind and style of photography and have decided on the photographer too, you need to get into the finer details. If you are going for the posed kind, will they come to your place or would you have to go to theirs? Or else are you guys going for an outdoor location.
  • Also please keep in mind that the Hunter Valley newborn photographer that you choose needs to be a specialist. He/she needs to know how to handle the baby. They should have safe practices. Newborn photographers should be careful while posing the baby in various styles and positions. For this, you need to go through their website in complete detail. Go through all sessions posted on their site. Once you are satisfied with the website, you need to question the photographer about their methods or style and what they think would be suitable for your family. Ensure that you are okay with the entire idea.
  • Also, go through the comments and reviews on their website. Nothing speaks better than earlier client and customer experiences.


Once you are completely comfortable with the photographer that you have chosen and feel that he/she is capable of handling your baby safely and can bring across the style and emotion that you are expecting; only then should you go ahead with the whole process. Good luck and we hope that your Hunter Valley newborn photography session comes out really well.


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